As I said guys, I would post a few of my shots from this weekend!! Essentially these guys are the best freestylers in the UK at the moment. Oscar and Jamie(Pictured at the top, Oscar is on the green kit, Jamie on the red.) Anyway my weekend has been insane, well my half term has been almost perfect!! Anyhow I hope you guys enjoy my photos :) 

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#EFIK (The Efiks inhabit the coastal area of South Eastern #Nigeria and are very well known nationally and internationally partly because of the prominence of #Calabar in Nigerian history and also due to their rich cultural heritage. Among the broad culture of the Efiks are “#Ekombi”, the Efik classical music, “#Ukwa”, the only fencing match in sub-Saharan Africa, “#Mbuk”, a collection of Efik folklore, and “#Ekpe”. #Abang dance is performed for entertainment and at festive occasions. The dance can be simple as well as elaborate with many interpretations behind it. The most famous cuisine “#Edikangikong” is renowned as next to none in Nigeria.
There are a host of other traditional dance forms. “#Nkuho”, where a young female, who is about to be betrothed in marriage, is confined, taught and molded into womanhood. Here she learns moral values of the community and how to appreciate herself. While in confinement, she is not allowed to do any chores. Instead, she eats as much as she wants; is pampered and taught the Ekombi dance in preparation for the day that she comes out of the confinement. She is not allowed any male visitors except her suitor. The length of time in the confinement has changed over the years.) #Africa #blackisbeautiful #themoreyouknow #naturalhair #Calabar #AkwaIbom #NigerDelta #Nigerians #Nigeria #Culture (at #Nigeriaat54)

Ukwa Among The Top 10 Wealthiest Nigerian Actors In ...

Ukwa Among The Top 10 Wealthiest Nigerian Actors In …

… 10 Wealthiest Nigerian Actors In Nollywood. Certain Nigerian Nollywood movies are often seen to portray scenes and personalities that are wealthy but how many of these actors are actually wealthy in real life,see the list of the Top 10 wealthiest Nigerian actors in Nollywood. … Nkem Owoh who is popularly known as Ukwa following a successful comedy movie he acted is one of the pioneers of comedy…

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The Return Of Mr and Mrs Ukwa 2- Nigerian Nollywood Movie

Mr & Mrs Ukwa 1 & 2,Fire Man 1 & 2,Return of Mr & Mrs Ukwa 1 & 2 and Ukwa’s Burial 1 & 2 Please Subscribe To Lovenolly: https://

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東京都北区神谷のハイブリッドな直送ウェブサービス(Hybrid Synergy Service)高橋クリーニングにて発見Discover!


[News, Risultati] UKWA - Maxima 9 - 30/11/13 - (#Maxima9, #Ukwa #wrestling #wrestlingitalia)

UKWA - Maxima 9 - 30/11/13

- UKWA Styrian Title Match: Blaze batte Chris Colen (c) – NUOVO CAMPIONE - Peter White batte Tom Crazy - Cannonball Grizzly batte Tommy 2Fast - UKWA Austrian Title Match: Johnny McRockfort batte Ananaskopf (c) – NUOVO CAMPIONE - Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Miguel Ramirez,…
(#Maxima9, #Ukwa #wrestling #wrestlingitalia)
For the Igbos amongst us:

So, i took some Ukwa (and by took i mean i cupped some out of my Dad’s pantry because let’s face it, i miss eating Ukwa and he wouldn’t notice the “loss”) from my Dad’s house and i am treating it like gold. I am making some for dinner so when i come back, i can just microwave it and chow down. I also “took” some akau. Chai! I can’t wait to come back home and have dinner!



Ibibio-Efik, also known as Ibibio and Efik, is the major dialect cluster of the Benue–Congo language family called Cross River. Efik proper has national status in Nigeria and is the literary standard of the Efik languages, though Ibibio proper has more native speakers

Ibibio-Efik is a dialect cluster spoken by about 3½ million people of Akwa Ibom State and Cross River States of Nigeria, making it the sixth largest language cluster in Nigeria after Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, and Kanuri.

Minor varieties, according to Williamson and Blench, are 200,000 Ekit, 7,000 Efai, 20,000 Ibuoro, 5,000 Eki, 5,000 Idere, and a hundred Ukwa. These arguably constitute a single language, though Ethnologue considers them to be separate.

Numerous problems such as language endangerment, the loss experienced and factors contributing to language shift noticeable in Efik elicited the study of this paper. These problems are not peculiar to the Efik language, but to nearly all minority languages of the world.

Nsibidi  is a system of symbols indigenous to what is now southeastern Nigeria that is apparently an ideographic script, though there have been suggestions that it includes logographic elements. There are thousands of nsibidi symbols, of which over 500 have been recorded. Nsibidi is used on wall designs, calabashes, metals (such as bronze), leaves, swords, and tattoos. It is primarily used by the Ekpe leopard secret society (also known as Ngbe or Egbo), which is found across Cross River among the Ekoi, Efik, Igbo people, and other nearby peoples.


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