POLITICS: The UK General Election campaign was thrown wide open today after it was revealed that UKIP had been a victim of a leftist conspiracy designed to make it look like the party was a collection of monstrous, sexist, racist, homophobic and Islamophobic dinosaurs seeking to take Britain back to an idealised idea of the 1950s with less sepia-toned photographs and more hatred.

“We’re actually all very nice people.” said William Hitesonly, a UKIP supporter, today. “And in the last few months when we’ve had people talking about foreign aid being sent to Bongo Bongo land, calling women “sluts”, likening a Scottish politician to a terrorist, blaming immigrants for blocking motorways, calling a Thai constituent a “Ting Tong from somewhere”, saying breastfeeding mothers should sit in a corner, blaming floods on gay marriage and calling people “Chinkies and poofters”, I’ve been worried that some people might think that we’re a horrible, nasty party of terribly racist people who hate just about everyone who isn’t a white, straight, British man, and that’s just not the UKIP I know. I turned to our Edna and said “I bet this is all the doing of them lefties” and I’m happy to see that’s been the case.”

“We would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you darned kids.” grumbled The Left, later.


Russell Howard’s Good News - Why Do People Vote For UKIP?

(watch until the end. You won’t regret it.)

Total UK green party membership has just passed that of the Liberal Democrats.

With UK-wide membership at 44,713 the announcement means that together Greens are now the 4th largest party in the UK, behind only Labour, the Conservatives and the SNP.

Anti-austerity parties have seen a surge in membership in the last six months with the SNP also seeing huge growth in support.

The bigger and more disturbing issue is that the preoccupations of the far right now go with, not against, the grain of mainstream political discourse. The rise of Ukip, for example, has been accompanied by a chorus of voices from the political centre demanding that we cease dismissing Nigel Farage’s party as bigots and instead recognise them as addressing legitimate popular concerns.