Art dump

20/04/13 Leeds Mini Meet

From top to Bottom:

Katsura: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Autodesk Pro

Kranna: Copic Marker and Prismacolor pencil

Sterling: Copic fineliner

Tonks: Copic Fineliner, Copic Marker

Alkali: Copic Fineliner

Julia: Copic Fineliner (DRAW ME AS A CAT! request)

All of these were drawn either at the Furmeet, or on the train on my way home. Phew!


YaY! London Fur Meet on Saturday was amazing!

it was my first time ever! thoroughly enjoyed myself :D met wonderful people and accompanied the amazing Ed while we went out on our walk. 

if you were there and remember me Ronnie! dont be afraid to say hello! id love to speak to you all again :D thank you for being such lovely people x

i literally left UKfur forums and refused to ever even look at the place again after a group of girls decided to try and set up a “Anti Con Harrassment” group for women and when a trans lady asked if she could join, the leader point blank said to her “um no, sorry, this is only a group for REAL women, YOU don’t GET harrassed…..”

like????? on what fucking PLANET???????????? EXACTLY???????


For a few minutes, I was Syrrus, and it was MY RUBBER CHICKEN.

So I went to Leeds, and then York, and I met so many new wonderful furs. 

I am so happy I finally found these people. I have never been more content with my life. And I don’t doubt that a large part of it is this community.

thatmotherfrickingcat asked:

Yeah I remember that post on UKfur you're talking about. I'm pretty sure the leader of that group was notorious just for opening her mouth and letting vile bullshit spew from it.

yea, there were so many just…. shitty ass people on that thread lmao.

the whole forum wasn’t exactly short of goons tho, i heard it got even worse after i left but like???? i dunno if it’s still as shitty now. not that i have even the slightest inclination to go back either way :u