ESA Astronaut Sam Cristoforetti aboard the ISS: “Of all the lights from UK to Scandinavia… which ones are yours? #spacevine” March 10th, 2015.

Source: Sam Cristoforetti/ESA

So I finally got it together!

Online Abaya Shops!!

As request by helloinandoutfashion

This is a mix of street and super luxury brands!! The super luxury are mostly towards the bottom of the list. It’s in no particular order whatsoever.


Ps, I haven’t brought from most of these sites, I did just have them saved *just in case the need comes* aha, but please do check reviews before buying, I don’t want anybody getting ripped off, which I’m sure won’t be the case insA but I’m just advising as a paranoid person :)

Pss, if you know of any other sites that you use then let me know and and add it to a second list insA, or if you’re an abaya designer and want to be featured or if you’re selling them :) thanks