Inbox is an awesome new email client from the Gmail team. I’ve had the pleasure of test-driving this for a few months, and I have to say: It’s an incredibly well-polished app with a very smart set of features.

It combines everything I like about Gmail,, and Mailbox app, removes the features I don’t use, and absolutely shines as an example of Material Design.

I also love the fact that Google’s not just positioning it as “The Next Gmail,” but rather as an all new product—and it looks like it will be supporting a variety of other email services as well.

Really tremendous work and a huge congrats to all my colleagues that took part in shipping this.

Updatin’ the GUI. It’s more streamlined, less cluttered, better color palette, removed that fat-ass border, and decided to give the okay to floating menus.

Now that there’s more room, I’m also going to make those stat bars look better. And probably longer.

Also I’m going to upgrade the font to something nicer.

You know what, let’s just remake everything.