I remember taking this photo a few nights ago and exclaiming out loud: wow soooo pretty!
Uhmmm… sure?!?
Morphine is one hell of a muse. Hihihi


( I sincerely apologize to those that are sending me messages and hoping a reply from me ASAP. Please stop sending me multiple messages because I have received them—I just haven’t replied to them ;;;

With the reasons that I forgot about it, new messages makes me unable to read them anymore and I forgot about it lol.

I will reply to them soon—there are just times where I am busy and do not look at my inbox. I apologize for not replying ASAP. )


"Soooo, Deanbean….when we get back to the moteeeelll…I’d like that last piece of pie."

Requested by: @steverogerstinybrokenpancreas