requested by anonymous

T H E  D R U M  S O U N D E D  B O O M  D O O M  B O O M
a fanmix not requested by but nonetheless dedicated to blanche21 and stonehearting

WOULD YOU CARE FOR A DANCE MOTHER? - the kinks, don’t forget to dance [x] Cause darling, darling / I bet you danced a good one in your time / And if this were a party / I’d really make sure the next one would be mine / Don’t forget to dance, no, no, no / Don’t forget to smile. / Don’t forget to dance

BLOOD ON THE MAIDEN’S THIGH - esper, red wedding [x] To think you could be deceived / it never even crossed your mind / there you are / bleeding on your wedding day / bleeding on your wedding day / the morning comes and they both wear scars / here you are / bleeding on your wedding day

THEY BEGAN TO PLAY A VERY DIFFERENT SORT OF SONG - within tempation, dark wings [x] Dark wings they are descending / See shadows gathering around / Every time they try to strike us down / Don’t you die on me / You haven’t made your peace / Live life, breathe, breathe / Don’t you die on me

HALF OF THE MUSICIANS HAD CROSSBOWS IN THEIR HANDS - these new puritans, attack music [x] You look around now / You look around now / It was September this is attack music / It was September this is attack!

HOPE BLEW OUT LIKE A CANDLE IN THE STORM - thrice, the red death [x] Entertain the hope that somehow you’ll escape me / Drink deeply the illusion of your safety / Writhe unfettered by your stabs at ignorance / A dozen strokes to run your blood cold / And now you all / Die

JEYNE? MOTHER, GREY WIND… - the walkmen, bows & arrows [x] There comes a time, there comes a / Time to make it right when I was wrong / Goodbye to all your plans / Your head is bent out of shape / But your feet are on the ground / But all in all, the ceiling’s coming down / That man he is a fraud, but nobody gives a damn / Give me some time to set this right / I’ll stand up / We’ll be alright

A SON FOR A SON - yeah yeah yeah’s, heads will roll [x] Off off off with your head / Dance dance dance ’til you’re dead / Off off off with your head / heads will roll / Heads will roll / On the floor

JAIME LANNISTER SENDS HIS REGARDS - steve vai, warm regards [x] {instrumental, but for the spoken words at the end}  “Well, I say you know me very well now. Thank you for understanding. Remember, life is good.”

THE STEEL WAS AT HER THROAT - kissing cousins, throw her body in the river [x] throw her body in the river / weigh it down with the other / making plans with her sister / you can take her as you love her / giving in to the river

EPILOGUE - the national, the rains of castamere [x] And who are you, the proud lord said / that I must bow so low? / Only a cat of a different coat / That’s all the truth I know / In a coat of gold or a coat of red / A lion still has claws / And mine are long and sharp, my lord / As long and sharp as yours / Now the rains weep o’er his hall / And not a soul to hear.