No More Mr. Brown Eye

The worst thing about something cute, is that sometimes there’s an aspect of that cute thing, person, or animal that is so NOT cute it makes the whole package just seem pukety. Take for instance a puppy. I mean, puppies are adorable as shit when they’re bounding towards you all fluffy and smelling like sunshine, but then they turn around and guess what’s there? A nasty butthole. THE SHOCK OF IT ALL!

Thank God we live in a world where if there’s something hideous on you, like a small puckered hole that pushes out feces once a day, there’s someone out there who makes something to cover it up. Lauren Shumaker is that someone in this instance, she invented Rear Gear. When we came across her Etsy shop, so many questions rose to the surface about what caused her to say “ENOUGH!” when it came to pet buttholes, that we asked her a few questions. 

VICE: How’d you come up with the idea for Rear Gear? Lauren Shumaker: I had a roommate in college with a cat, and she had a favorite stance; standing proud on my homework, backside to my face. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it just be torture for her to cover that up, and I never looked back.  Continue

i love you forever: a playlist for unrequited love and boy bands

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maps (acoustic/strings version)-the yeah yeah yeahs // be mine! (acoustic) [live]-robyn // i will wait (mumford and sons cover)-little mix // transatlanticism-death cab for cutie // the noise (live from bull moose)-regina spektor // sunburn-ed sheeran // the leopard and the lamb-cat power // blue jeans (lana del rey cover)-sky ferreira // i’ve been eating (for you)-bright eyes // bad religion-frank ocean // runaway-kanye west // starring role-marina and the diamonds // corner of your heart-ingrid michaelson // all i want-kodaline // samson-regina spektor // between the bars-elliott smith // forrest gump-frank ocean