and it happened. the milestone was set and i am literally crying. my precious touka, one of so many muses, hit 1000 followers. i can’t believe this– i opened this blog on january 11nd just to make a second try with touka since the first try failed. and now i look at this blog and i am like how. 

you know, 1000 is a big number; and i am literally out of words that i just have to start with the list right now. if you are not in, then i am sorry. i can’t put everyone into the list since we all know tumblr is a bitch about it and doesn’t fix that kinda stuff but comes up with ridiculous updates. 

i won’t make it big, neither do i want to part a bias list into multiple parts just to list EVERYONE, apologies.

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so its #noshameday apparently and i’ve decided to make a post for that i guess I’m bnie, i’m 22 yrs old and i’m disabled. making an official post about this is kind of really hard because the past few months have kind of been hell regarding my disability, but i think i really need to stop feeling ashamed of it, or try at the very least. So maybe this is a step in the right direction. I have optic nerve hypoplasia of the right eye. This means when i was in my mom’s stomach my optic nerve never fully or correctly developed. At this point in my life, my brain does not use my right eye at all. I’m legally blind, and due to another condition i have–nystagmus– my eyes shake and quiver and jerk around without my consent or control, so i will never be able to get corrective/laser eye surgery to repair my sight. It’s been really hard to deal with this my whole life, as i’m learning more every day my disability has stunted and restrained me much more than even i ever thought it could, but i want to use this and the inspiration i have from countless others posting their stories today to keep pushing and learn to love myself despite that.


SO MUCH TEXT i know im sorry this was done quickly /sweats

I’ve noticed people really like this idea when they see it in my classes so I figured I’d make, like, a tutorial for it?? I’m a neat-freak who loves to organize, so I hope it helps!  Keep this in your bag so you have it handy and won’t forget stuff and panic.  (it’s carried me thru 3 years of uni so far so yeah @o@) also dont forget to record important dates in your planner! (i love planners /sob)

although i prefer this method since it’s just neater and can hold more overall, you can just get one of these (8 pocket folder) as an alternative.

additional info re: materials under cut!!

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Heya! ヽ(・∀・)ノ Hm… I first hit 2k followers on January 22, and yes, I marked the date LMFAO. But I recently hit the 2.5k mark and idk when because it was so sudden. Probably happened when I was sleeping  (´•ω•̥`) Nah. It says 2.5k+ up there but I’m like 5 followers away from 2.6k ahaha ;w; I’m not sure how you make one of these but yeah. The last box is full of people I don’t follow but love talking to! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ So I apologize in advance if I didn’t include or forget any of you~ Pssst I’m sorry for not chatting to some of you since I’m such an awkward person aha  (⊙︿⊙✿)

Well, thank you for following and keep on blogging your awesome unicorn poop!  ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

P.S. Wait 3 seconds to see Huedhaut’s terribly edited small smile in the first pic! ..er… or maybe not if it doesn’t load? D:

P.S.S. Uh some of the blogs are actually sideblog(s) of a person I follow so. Some blogs are actually belonging to one person *sweats*

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