This was drawn a couple of weeks ago, as you can, hopefully, see in the bottom right corner. Anywhale, this is a drawing of my boyfriend and I to, idk, just give you an image? This is going to be moderately long, and you do not have to read the whole thing. Okay..so *adjusts voice*
hi :3 happy one year anniversary, Gabe. Even though we wont be able to see eachother, and watch some of our movies, it’s still our one year. Next week we can celebrate it as much as we would today c: Honestly, people usually don’t make it one year, but we did and I’m proud of us. When we first started dating I honestly thought we wouldn’t last this long, but I was gladly wrong. I love you with all my heart, literally. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s like you occupy my thoughts, and when I think my heart decides to flutter..so I think I love you with all my heart. You always call yourself stupid, dumb, or an idiot but you aren’t. You aren’t even close. You are the smartest person I know, and are brilliant in everything you do. You are such a dorky nerd, and it’s adorable. The way you fanboyed over Jurrasic World when we went to see Age of Ultron was so cute, it was hard for me to contain myself. You’re extremely sweet and nice, to me at least. You always call me cute and adorable..and it’s a real confidence booster c: Like when other people think I’m ugly or fat I think ‘haha nupe I have a boyfriend who loves me for who I am so please, honey, back up.’ Except I don’t say that because I’m too quiet for words. You always call me perfect, but I never get the chance to call you perfect..but you are. Even though you make mistakes, that’s what makes you perfect. You are undeniably the most perfect guy I have ever seen/met, and I am proud to stand by your side. I’m proud to call you my boyfriend c: I love you very much, wolfcorewlp, and I hope we can last another year(s).

most relatable lyrics from blurryface

“no i didn’t understand the thing you said”

“i’m not good with directions”

“no no no no no no”

“i’m thinking, ‘wow, i probably should’ve stayed inside my house’”

“claw away at the system”

“Don’t you test me, no/ Just because I play the piano/ Doesn’t mean I, I’m not willing to take you down……i’m sorry”

“Buh buh bah, buh buh bah/ Bah bah bah bah bah, bah bah bah bah bah/ Buh buh bah, buh buh bah“

When people say, “Yumikuri isn’t mutual”… show them these panels.

While Historia’s is from the extra pages, I love them because they show a huge desperation for her wanting Ymir back. She is literally grabbing Eren’s shoulders, pleading for him. 

Ymir is a bit calmer, but she literally has her hand on her heart. “I want to see her”… 

This is the official panel for Historia. She is extremely determined to want Ymir back.

Both of these girls want to see each other. They do. Ymir and Historia’s relationship is extremely mutual, both willing to sacrifice so much for the other. Ymir holds such a strong presence in Historia’s heart still, why else would she think of her in the recent chapters?

Yumikuri is so, so there, it’s written everywhere in the manga. It’s mutual and they love each other.