Union Gaming Intentionally Broke Rules to Raise Awareness of Stream Cheating

Union Gaming CEO Alex Noriega stated that the team’s stream cheating against Summoner’s Rift in Canada Cup was intentionally done in order to raise awareness, calling for Dota 2 teams and fans to recognize February 2015 as “Stream Cheating Awareness Month.”

Since the incident against Summoner’s Rift, Union Gaming has been banned from Canada Cup and omitted from The Summit 3 pre-qualifiers. In addition, Beyond the Summit has announced additional protections against stream cheating, increasing the broadcaster delay from five minutes to three months, a delay that also appears to have affected their qualifier invites.

  • ppd answer for this :”Union gaming should be DQ’d from MLG pro league and all their wins should be given back to the teams they beat. @joinDOTA @TobiWanDOTA

"Extremely unprofessional… Another disappointment for the scene.". bY Me :(

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Soo could you please help explain this whole SU/UG crossover thing? Like what is happening here and what has been confirmed? Also how are the fandoms handling it? Oh please answer us great Artemis!

A crossover between SU and UG has been announced and set to air sometime between 2015 and 2016. It was confirmed in CN’s upfront news for 2015-2016 programming. Ian Jones-Quartey and Matt Burnett of the SU crew have confirmed it and have said its already completely animated. I’ve also seen someone talk about how they got to sneak peek it but I don’t know whether they were lying or not (I do know that people get to see sneak peeks when they tour the studio sometimes, so its possible). Other than that, we don’t know much about it. I have high hopes for it, though, should be interesting.

The Uncle Grandpa is handling it fine, the Steven Universe fandom is not. The SU fandom has largely been acting like brats about it. I know some folks have come around and apologized for over reacting and now think its a good idea but as far as I know there are still people posting hate which they need to stop doing.

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I’m psyched to announce a new zine that I’m coming out with for this years SPX!  It’s going to be called Ugs, Fugs, and Grossos, and be around 32 pages of nothing but ug-ass mugs, fug-ass fugs, and gross-ass grossos.  There will be a regular edition of the book available, and a special edition with plenty of goodies like stickers, patches, and FAKE BARF!  Both are going to have screen printed covers!