The battle of five armies

1. I don’t want to leave brother
2. Please don’t leave me

3. Alone

4. I belong with my brother

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i could physically feel a giant chunk of my soul coming apart at the seams and withering away when will pleaded, to the only person in the world he trusts and looks to for answers and guidance through the horrifying reality he calls home, and begged him not to lie to him

I just finished playing/watching To the Moon. Which is an amazing game. And people didn’t lie when they said it would make me cry. Oh it made me sob soooo much. Especially when Eva did the thing. And it went back through his memories. Trying to be as vague as possible here X)

I fully recommend this to anyone willing to play and for a great story. I didn’t expect this game to make me cry so much but it did. Ahhh~ looking forward to the sequel too to find out what’s happening to Neil.

now excuse me while I re watch some of the game now that i have a better understanding and probably cry again

hi there! :) so I am incredibly sorry for this horrible looking edit but as you all may know editing really isn’t my kinda thing. :P well anyways….I’ve reached quite the amount of followers and some people have been asking me for a follow forever. so it is. wow omfg how am i this awkward. i am incredibly thankful for all of you guise who make my dashboard super duper gorgeous and lovely and my tumblr life a lot of fun. :) i’ve sorted them in alphabetical order just for you lazy asses. <3 these are my 55 favorite blogs:

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and i am really sorry if i left somebody out but you guys know i’m a stupid fucktart, right? anyways you people are all really perfect and i’d love to be friends with every single one of you and if you’re not on here then you’re probably on my blogroll and yes. everybody follow these blogs <3 :) ilu :)


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i havent made a follow forever since last december so i figured i’d make another one to celebrate the end of 2014 (thank god) and the start of what will hopefully be a better year!! 

below is a collection of all my fave bloggers in 2014 - you guys made my dash so much more amazing and yeah you’re all fabulous


zoe | shaun | april | ayca | nicole shell | jas | ed

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The thing to decide is what kind of monster to be. The kind who builds towns or the kind who breaks them.