Response from commenter Sassafrasx on Mike DiMartino’s blog post about The Search, expectations, and Zuko’s Mom.

Honestly? I think it’s a bit of a tawdry, cliched, overdone soap opera story line. But the art is pretty.

So much of it just seems out of character and unnecessary. And I’m even basing this on the assumption that it will turn out that Ozai is Zuko’s father; if that’s untrue, then everything is outright laughable and takes away so much from the story line you created in the original series. It would be much more interesting if you gave Ozai some complexity and depth and not focused so much on some former love of Ursa’s. That sort of love triangle really is better suited to a soap opera, where it’s been done a thousand times over by now.

Or, even better, and even more interestingly, focus on what happened to Ursa over the intervening years; if she is still alive, she must have a fascinating story. The focus on romance? Yawn.

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I seriously don't understand why The Search turned out the way it did. I expected it to be them all going to find her, seeing what new life she had made for herself, and getting answers for everything (why she left, Azula's insecurities and their relationship, etc.). There was a lot of potential with that storyline of them going to find her. But they chose to make it about Ozai not being Zuko's bio dad? I don't get it. And not to mention, Ozai and Zuko look so much a like.



I don’t even have anything new to say.

Granted, there are two books left and one would hope that those things get addressed and we get resolution etc.

But yanno. Minimal hope/disillusioned/passionate discontent that will give way to ennui/blah blah. 

I am actually of the belief that it’s a red herring buuuuut even still it’s like…y did we go there?


the art was pretty, though.