Keladry Age Meme

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Age: 4-10 Kel lives in the Yamani Islands, where her father, Baron Piers of Mindelan serves as Tortall’s ambassador. After her mother, Lady Ilane of Mindelan, saves the Yamani Holy Relics from raiders, Keladry and her parents become accepted into the inner circle of the Emperor’s imperial court. Kel learns Yamani discipline, martial arts, and begins to train with the glaive (albeit a nice padded one.

Age: 10-14 Kel returns to her home fief in Mindelan. She becomes the first (openly) female page to train at the Royal Palace in Corus, since Alanna the Lioness. For her first year, she is put on probation. She also befriends the palace sparrows and a stray dog named Jump. Her training master is Lord Wyldon of Cavall.

Age: 14-18 Kel becomes the squire of Lord Raoul of Goldenlake, knight commander of the King’s Own. By now she’s perfected her “Yamani Stone” look. Kel travels with the Own and has her first taste of war. She later passes the Ordeal and earns her shield. (Her device is a flying owl over a pair of crossed glaives, surrounded by a double border). She is given a new sword named “Griffin” by Alanna, who reveals herself to be Kel’s secret benefactor.

Age: 18+ Kel participates in the war with Scanra. Lord Wyldon assigns her to command a refuge camp close to the Scanra-Tortall border.

Keladry of Mindelan from: Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce.