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Ughhh… I haven’t felt this alone feeling in a long time… I feel… Sad..

I cant sleep, I’m over thinking, i feel so lonely…

I miss having friends to talk to about ocs and, fandom stuff… Making AUs, shipping, and having fun…

I have a FEW ( like 2 that go and message me first to talk, the others only talk if i start the convo, and half the time i get no or little reply )friends that i talk to on skype… But its just random talk… Like a game that came out or about what we did that day.

No one that has ocs that wants to talk to me about oc stuff, or no one in the same fandom that want to talk fandom stuff.

So all i do is try to draw or watch videos, when I’m not working or sleeping….


There is some that want to friend me, but acting overly awkward and/or force their art on me.. As in “ hey look at this random thing i drew, that you don’t know anything about! Did i do good?????????”… And it just makes me nervous… I know people like my art, but shoving something in my face wanting a complement is not how to go about things… If you want me to help you improve by telling you any thing you could be improved in it, then its different, i wouldn’t mind.

The awkward thing, i know people get nervous or are shy, and people think of me as a “senpai”… But I’m like everyone else… Being super formal, like you’re speaking to royalty, is not needed… Tbh it makes me not want to reply. I end up getting nervous.

Idk…. Im just a shy and nervous person… But the ones that make it past that know I’m crazy and weird.


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LOVED your latest fan fic so much! i hope a similar scene happens, what do you think will happen with omelia because of derek? In an interview caterina said she could be torn in two ways either Owen and her will bond over this or she will be terrified, i heard somewhere she might revert back to her addiction, i really hope not but then owen could pick up the piecess, ughhh what do you think?

Thank Youuuuu!! My heart was in so much pain after the last episode.  Firstly, I am absolutely PRAYING that they do not make Amelia relapse.  Talk about lazy writing, and destroying all character development that the Private Practice writers and Caterina Scorsone worked so hard to achieve for Amelia’s character.  I want them to show her as being strong for Meredith and her kids, but falling to pieces in front of Owen, and allowing him to be her rock.  I want this to be the opportunity where Amelia truly lets Owen in.  Anything but relapse.



Ngayon lang ako humanap ng school, ngayon lang nag inquire, ngayon nagentrance exam, ngayon pumasa, ngayon nagdecide, ngayon nagpasa ng requirements, ngayon din nagenroll, woooh. Ganun pala talaga pag sobrang lungkot mo na, may darating pading blessing na kasing sobra ng lungkot mo yung saya. HAHAHAHAHA ang seryoso ko na ba aheee dapat mag feu tech ako (dami gwapo ughhh) or tua ako kaso may specialization yung IT nila so hello ue, hello manila. Dami kong kwento kaso tinatamad na ko, hello jgh nahanap ko na future ko =))))

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there needs to be a three-day wait period on something cis dudes need if there has to be a three-day wait period on abortions. it is literally the only way to be fair. this thing with north carolina just makes me so mad ughhh.

Or we could just mandate girls run the world for a few thousand years and let men see how it feels, and then re-evaluate? :D Don’t mind me. I’m a bitter old hag. :P 

When I tried to beg my parents to let me into uni, they were totally convinced that once I get in, I will suddenly start partying, drinking, dating, having sex, all of those things etc. it took me a long time to convince them. And now that I’m in uni they’re trying to convince me to get married so that I won’t dishonour the family by making sure that I don’t lose my virginity before marriage

Ughhh arab parents

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Who's been your favorite squint through the years? (Mine was Vincent but we all know how that went)

squint as in of all the people at the lab or the interns? because from everyone defs cam, but if you mean interns, MINE WAS VINCENT TOO :((((((((((( im still so sad i get so sad about him ughhh. and also arastoo as well 

oh no

UGH. May 15 yung kuhaan ko ng uniform sa ust so pupunta kong manila non. Tas May 16 nga pala yung TSAMU ughhhh sige baka payagan ako bumalik ulit sa Manila UGHHH NAKAKAINIS TALAGA WHY OH WHY LAGI NALANG GANTO. DI BA TALAGA MEANT SAKIN MEET UP HUHU.