Please don’t call anyone “ugly” or “fat”.
Please don’t point out people’s flaws.
Please don’t make someone feel insecure.
Please don’t laugh at someone because they have scars.
Please understand that words hurt.
Please see how using words like “faggot” and “whore” could make someone kill themselves.
Please please please don’t tell someone to kill themselves, they might do it. And your going to be, the one to blame.


Sam and Arlene have settled down to eat their dubious dinner of gummy bear pancakes. 

Sam: EEUUUGGHHH. Ughhh. Ack.

Arlene: Aw come on, Dad…they can’t be that bad.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Maria has taken TWO plates of pancakes and set them back down again, because as a die-hard foodie, she just can’t bring herself to eat that crap.

Maria: I’ll tell him I’m on a diet.

OH MY GOOOODD why do ppl think it’s bad to have sex???? It isn’t! It’s also good to not!! But u can’t just shit on one group and praise the other! That’s fucked up! They’re both fine the way they are!!! UGHHH

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THANK YOU. For what you said about the fandom staying in their separate corners. Jfc I'm so over this fighting. SHIP SWAN QUEEN. DONT. WHO THE FUCK CARESSSS???! Not Lana. Not the writers. Not Obama. JESUS. LET IT GO. Lol let it go. (That wasn't intentional.) UGHHH BUT SERIOUSLY.


lmao i couldn’t help myself

also i’m laughing at NOT OBAMA. man you don’t know obama could be sitting on his corner of tumblr crying over the fandom hate in once upon a time, lol. national issues be damned, shipping is srs bsns.

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"I get that I'm a PYT" ugh you look like a llama why are you so full of yourself

ughhh shut the hell up? Like I’m obviously not ugly to the general consensus of the public. You may think I am and that is fine that you think that but that doesn’t mean you have to tell me? Most days I am grateful for my looks and height and body and I really don’t think there is anything wrong with that. When I am grateful i feel better than when I feel bad about myself. Beauty is totally subjective so I get that it’s bad of me to say that I am a pretty young thing but I don’t give a fuuuuck and I’m also smart and kind. And by thinking this way I have surrounded myself with people that are happy with my body positivity and happy with themselves and don’t need to put others down to make themselves happy. So ya by referring to myself as a PYT I may come off as full of myself but guess what? It’s been working!

you should try it!