Next I met Stacy! I didn’t know she was gonna be there and I freaked out!! She’s so pretty!!! She gives good hugs as well! She has a grape soda pin on her lanyard like in Up and I told her I liked it and she was like “aww thank you!” Ughhh I love this picture so much! Stacy is a queen!!

I feel like every day I just get better and better at contouring my nose 😅 but I just really want a tiny barbie nose. Ughhh can’t wait 🐷✂️

I don’t really want to kill myself because it’s painful and messy and would really fuck things up for a few people I know but like, I definitely, definitely do not want to exist anymore. I don’t want to experience dying but I definitely want to be dead. ugh




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//////rape ment////// that michael from 5sos is SO gross omg hes like praising american sniper and makes rape jokes and sexist jokes and their whole fandom makes asian jokes at the asian one from their band and ughhh like i get that everyones ignorant and stuff but they KNOW that its bad like so many ppl are calling them out and theyre not doing anything and ughhg

fuck 5sos in general. trash.