The Ladies Have Landed: an endless list of beautifully complex women
↳ Siobhan Sadler (Orphan Black)

“No, you listen. Amber alert is not an option. If I say you’re making a car bomb, you will bloody well make a car bomb.”


“Mika, Mika, Mimika…
Ah, I knew you’d be here. Did you get the report? Apparently, they’ve finally found your precious angel that you’ve been looking for. As anticipated, he was being used by the dirty humans. By ‘he’… I mean Yuichiro Hyakuya. Now, how are you going to gather the threads of your story, 

Mikaela Hyakuya?

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Can you please help me: There's a pic of him and a fan (I think) where he allows her to sit on his lap and she just holds him. It was really sweet. Do you know it and could you PLEASE post it. It's the cutest. Also, I know we joke around about him being kind of fragile & close off but do you seriously worry about him? I read somewhere that since the relapeses, detoxes, proof's death, etc. some ppl on his team would purposely keep news/info. away from him. Is he really sheltered?

this is so frustrating!!! i know exactly the picture you want but i can’t find it anywhere! and google is not cooperating ughhh im sorry :/ maybe one of my followers has it?

i think that maybe they kept some things away from him at the beginning, right after he decided to get clean, you know, to not worry him about other things so he would only focus on his recovery but i don’t think they do that now, i mean he doesnt strike me as a guy you can keep things away from him, i don’t think he lives in a bubble where people hides things from him, you know. but who knows, it’s not like we know a lot of things about him recently, i mean the guy loves to hide under a rock lol