It makes me sad that a lot of the makorra fan art has such snippy artist comments on the bottom because I like the art and want to reblog it, but I don’t want korrasami hate/makorra bitterness on my blog. But I don’t want to remove the artists’ captions either. Ughhh

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I can so relate w you about the school stress thingy. I've cried like almost every night and I spend all of my time doing homework. I just spent all day writing a lab report. And I'm so emotional all the time. UGHHH

bro same I’m so emotional like even if I’m not sad my eyes will start to water if I’m arguing with someone and I’m just like wtf why are you crying ur trying to prove a point u don’t need eye water?? but I’m here for you if you want to talk about the school thing

Ughhh I like Cupid’s Monster High design better than her Ever After High. EAH’s is too … frilly. Excepted and all that. She looked cooler with that gothic-y edge. 

Actually my one quibble with EAH as a whole. I love it, I do, but it’s so frilly sometimes (for lack of a better word) it gets on my nerves. 


Hi! Basically these are my rats Merry and Pippin and both of them are pretty sick right now. Merry has a suspected respiratory infection and Pippin has a strange swollen open wound on the inside of her leg. I can’t really afford vet visits for them so if anyone has any extra money or anything it would be really really appreciated

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