Author of the law’s delays, you who as talisman and totem still wear the aegis, baleful with Medusa’s scowl (though shrunken and self-mummified, a Gorgon still).

"Athena" — Amy Clampitt

stuff on my mind

- I leave to South Africa in 2 days… wuuuut
- I feel so blessed and I always wonder why God has blessed me like this… but I realize more and more everyday that it’s simply because He is good and that’s just His nature
- I’m so sleepy I feel like I could nap for a couple days
- I feel like I’m starting to fall so hard for someone… and I’m not gonna lie, it feels so good. But at the same time, it’s difficult not knowing how they feel back.

I’m feeling a lot of different emotions right now… lol My mind and heart are in so many different places.

i had my first day at college today and it was pretty good but i don’t go back till wednesday and im scared incase the people i was with today sit somewhere else and then im alone :( hate not knowing anybody… ughhh:(:(

I’m gonna get in shape maybe hopefully but I’m lazy and I suck. Anywho, worked out today for the first time in I cannot tell you when. It suckkeddd. I’m wayyy more out of shape than I thought hahah. So Imma try and work out this entire month and see how that goes and see if I feel better about myself and everything by October. Fuck that’s far away. Ughhh. I already don’t wanna. But I’m gonnaaaa yeahhh.

So hey guys! Sorry I was gone!


Yay, got everything up Friday!

Bulletin board: I collected artists’ sketches+products all summer to avoid the whole “ughhh why do we have to sketch” conversation. Featuring works by milkbarista, yukoshimizu, chrisryniak, behindbobsburgers, Minecraft, and Dr. Seuss. I tried to feature a variety that K-6 kids would relate to and enjoy. :)

Word wall: strips+marker for new terms and stickers to stick to strips when we repeat words so that by the end of the year, we have a visual of how much we used each word.

Everything else is relatively the same. I’ll have a “timekeeper” in each class (except for the little ones who can’t tell time yet…) ask and adjust my clock to avoid endless “when do we clean up?!” “how much time do I have left?!” questions! The hour hand needs to be shorter though!

I have some comics by stevenkraandrawingdaily by the line up circles (they’ll line up by table color order) and I have 2 other printouts from tumblr that didn’t have sources. :/