kimjongdeeznuts as a k stan i can completely testify to the pressure from m stans but ur right bc at the same time………m was getting no love whatsoever like during ot12 days the only time exo-ls as a whole  would focus on m members was when everyone was to gether and they were interacting with k members. and u right about the album when it dropped like i got the k versions within seconds and if it hadnt been for following u and other chen stans i probably woulda had to resort to spotify too. and it is kinda frustrating when seeing performances/listening to new material bc i can hear chen and lay tao improving with every new release but baekhyun kinda just plateaued??? like see here i go comparing but…like…when just look at it….and see how k members are the stars of end and m members make guest star appearances….idk mannn  

tbh all i want in life is some candid photos of carmilla and laura being girlfriends

laura laughing at something and carmilla with a tiny smile, maybe pressing a kiss to her hair

carmilla sleeping and laura grinning with a sharpie in her hand

kissing on a bench during the sunset

carmilla reading over laura’s essay with her eyebrows all furrowed and laura just staring at her thinking “too cute”

laura excitedly tugging carmilla through a museum exhibit that carmilla basically lived through and carmilla just following and rolling her eyes

“please don’t feed the bread i bought in paris to the pigeons”
“come on carm they’re so cute”

carmilla vs. everyone else snowball fight, grumpy carmilla shivering and laura rubbing her with a warm blanket afterward, kind of maybe laughing because they kicked her ass

laura studying for finals, leaning against a sleeping giant black cat under a tree on campus

hugging, just nuzzling into each other’s necks and breathing each other in


1000-alshain asked:

All this trash father conversation makes me want to talk about how either/or TrashAU!Anakin or Daddy!Vader would conspire ways to get Han and Leia together. (BC he's captain of the H+L ship squad, y/y?)


Padme would be so chill about it and Luke would be like “ugh God you guys get a room” but Anakin would lowkey APPROVE SO MUCH like 

“ah I see your friend is a pilot Leia” “yeah Dad you’ve known him since he was nineteen” “no I know I know”

“Well he certainly has courage” “Mmmhmm” “And he’s damn good with a ship” “Mmhmm” “Our children picked a good friend, Padme” “mmmhmmm” “Leia seems to like him a lot” “Anakin she’s only fourteen” “I know, I knoooow”

 “so your mission was successful?” “yeah, Dad, we got the intel, you were at the briefing” “no I know, Uh, anything … interesting happen?” “Dad, no.” 

“Hmm, Padme, what do you think -” “I think that Leia can deal with her own love life, Ani, and don’t you start on this again” “I didn’t say anything!”

though tbh JOKING ASIDE (he wouldn’t be that obvious even Anakin’s not that bad) real talk real talk Anakin would a) have a lot of respect for Han, especially knowing him from his teens and seeing how protective he is of the twins etc etc and b) also considering that in trash fam AU Han’s just gotten away from Trader’s Luck when he runs into Leia and Obi-Wan so Shrike showing up again happens after he meets the Skywalkers properly and Anakin would be so damn protective in a situation like that like can you imagine

can you imagine how he’d know what slavery (of any kind) feels like and he’d make sure to give Han, this nineteen year old who’s trying so hard to prove himself and be good enough and wanted to get into the navy but now he’s stuck with a bunch of penniless fugitive rebels and soso confused - Anakin knows to give Han his space while simultaneously kind of ensuring that he’s welcome into the family and encouraging Luke and Leia’s affection towards him and offering to teach him piloting tricks (on a real ship, not a swoop bike) and basically taking him under his wing even though Han’s not Force sensitive because here’s a kid from an abusive situation who’s fighting so hard to move on, move forward, and he needs that loving support. 

like. Han having so much more faith and confidence in the galaxy as a result of the Skywalker family’s love

Han’s inferiority complex slowly ebbing away as he matures as a result of the overwhelming amount of support he’s receiving 

Han learning piloting tips from the best of the best and Anakin always being lowkey proud of how good Han already is and telling him so

Padme being A TOTAL MOM anyway has Padme also run into him as a little kid in this universe? because if so EVERYTHING IS PAINFUL AND I CRY but imagine that reunion Han would be so overwhelmed and Padme would just. Like. totally always be making sure that he’s fed and taking care of himself and probably arching eyebrows every time he swears aloud and he always looks sheepish but he still does it anyway (except tries not to do it in front of the kids when she’s there) and like she and Chewie are just an unstoppable force honestly 

Anakin calling Han “kid” PLEASE 

the twins just totally adopting him completely

and obviously the rest of “brass” and Ahsoka trust Han and welcome him too because the Skywalkers treat him like family now



(and then when Han asks for a proper commission in the Alliance he goes to Anakin first (even though technically he should go to Mothma) and Anakin’s like “Force Solo I’ve never seen you this nervous I’m not going to bite” and Han’s like “I wanted to ask for a commission” and Anakin’s all “shouldn’t you be talking to Mothma about that?” and Han’s like “well uh” and Anakin goes “spit it out, Kid, what’s wrong” and Han opens his mouth to say “nothing’s wrong!” except instead of nothing’s wrong he blurts out “I think I’m in love with your daughter” and Anakin just beams)



pretty little liars + favorite character » spencer hastings

requested by greenegifs

Teen Tops probably one of the most embarrassing, clumsiest and derpiest idol group out there. Gosh seriously, you can’t tell me your bias in TT has not embarrassed you. 

There’s CAP with his never ending fail aegyo.

Changjo…okay…maybe he’s the most normal out of all of them….WAIT NO. I take that back…that kid is fcking 4D. lol

L.Joe and Chunji…do I really need to talk about theses two? Like seriously…let the silence speak for itself. The Derp king and the black hole. -_-

Ricky…your burst of cuteness and small structure embarrasses you sometimes lovely boy.

and Niel….Sigh, love…I don’t know why you took up african dancing, or any ridiculous dancing for that matter. Is it because you needed another side talent since you didn’t have one? Because baby…not the way to go. And your random hyper moments…like where the fck does that come from?! SMH bias…you’re so flippin embarrassing, but I fcking love it.

my cat just had kittens and every time my dog comes within 15 feet of her she freaks out and chases him away and he cries and screams bc hes scared and i wanna go cuddle him but when i leave my cat cries for me to come back i dont know what to doooooooooooooooooooooo