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Where’d you go, anyway? I kinda missed you all night.

well initially I went out to eat with my family but then we went to a movie instead

and when we came out my mom was all “I’m hungry let’s go to texas roadhouse” and I’m like “mom it’s 10:30 wtf can we just go home”

but nah we had to go to texas roadhouse so she could get her stupid chicken


hey guys! its been a while hndi na ako nakakapah kwento masyado. wala naman kasi masyadong exciting na nangyayari sakin this past days, weeks, months. i met new friends tho. it’s just thata lot has been bothering me this pst days. i can’t tell tou guys tho. it’s a secret for now haha. sorry ✌🏻 but hey it’s finally summer. thank god i don’t have to worry about finishing up homeworks and project last minute and studying till 3 in the morning and getting 2 or 1 hour of sleep haha. i can slee whenever i want now xD. i have work tho. ugh! i mean thats better than staying home you know i make money too so i can go out with friends haha. hopefully this summer will be different and fun because i met new people. :)

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ooooops wow I didn't check over my grammar! I meant the group's you were talking about your last post. I'm sry

its fine!! i was just a little confused aha but anyway i dont hate any group tbh but suju has a lot of problematic members and it irks me that elfs still think suju is the most neglected artist in sm like seriously?? and im not just talking about f(x) either, boa and rv (imo) are kinda neglected too. i know sm was already planning to debut a girl group in 2014 but i still feel like they are kinda just there to distract the media from sm’s drama and they get so much hate for it. i just mean suju isnt that neglected tbh suju has had like 6 concert tours, they have a fandom name, etc. also that one post i just reblogged a few minutes ago said that suju’s last album was better then the last 3 of exo’s title tracks (lmao no)?? ugh im sorry for ranting