Uncle grandpa

The marathon did well in the ratings. If this keeps up ug might be able to have a 3rd season.

I’m working on one of my favorite episodes right now with my new talented partner. I feel like the episodes are getting better. Every ep I’ve done with my new partner so far I’m mostly proud of. We got a new dedicated animation director which means better and snappier animation. Which means jokes land better. So this is what happens when you let crews get into their groove and figure things out. You can’t make a hit show over night. And ug didn’t have the same type of money shows like gravity falls had where they could rewrite till the cows came home to make everything perfect. Ug was trial by era on a tight schedule. It still is.

Anyway. That’s some shit for the haters. Ug outperformed others in the ratings. What does this mean? Your 22 year old ass doesn’t matter as much as the target audience which is 6 to 11. And honestly. I get more joy out of knowing that a 6 year old is laughing at and enjoying my episodes than some smarmy 19 year old who reads too much into bullshit and is expecting high concept entertainment out of a fun kids cartoon.

Ok cool


bitchphil said:

tbh i don't think anyone will really watch it bc (speaking for myself) i wanna listen to dan and phil talk and not a boring bbc script //:

literally ug h
i like the radioshow for dan and phil, nobody else ;_;
(apart from aled)

So, my mother is really nice and fangirls with me sometimes cuz she’s in a lot of my fandoms (some cuz I introduced them to her, others she introduced to me). So, after seeing this me and my friend started to create more headcannons over this. Then my mother arrived home and I went to tell her about it and this happened:

Me: there is this headcannon me and Alice obsessed over today, where Sherlock likes Tarzan and the song “Strangers like me”

Mom: Nice… But… It would be better if it was “You’ll be in my heart”

Me (confused): Why…?

Mom: Because of jawn (the way she said it pretty much sounded “jawn”)



Me: OMG YOU SHIP JOHNLOCK!!!!!!! *runs to facebook chat to tell my friend*


Mom: Now, imagine Shelock playing “You’ll be in my heart” in his violin for John?

Needless to say, my mother is brilliant.


Od autorki: Jeśli nie podoba się Wam ten rozdział, to *hi5*, witajcie w klubie! Ale tak na serio, dziwny jakiś jest… Hah, może wydaje mi się tak, bo lubiłam tę atmosferę tajemniczości, a tutaj Lou ją rozwiewa? Anyway, pierwotny zarys trochę szwankuje i ten odcinek wyszedł nieco za długi, więc przerzucam część do XI, także końcówkę rozmowy dostaniecie za tydzień (jak Bóg da).

Aha, kiedy będę pisać ten smutny rozdział (to będzie XIV albo XV według moich wyliczeń) to przypomnijcie mi, żebym słuchała Chrisa, wtedy walnę Wam taki kawałek tekstu, że wszyscy będziemy płakać, łącznie ze mną ;)

Mam nadzieję, że nie wyszło jakoś bardzo źle, będę wdzięczna za serduszka, reblogi i komentarze. Nie przedłużając, zapraszam do lekturki :)


Siedząc w aucie Louisa, Harry nieco się denerwował. Jeszcze nigdy nie był u niego w domu. Och, nie, nie bał się, że chłopak go skrzywdzi, brutalnie wykorzysta czy coś. Nie, powód był o wiele bardziej prozaiczny…

– Czy twoi… rodzice… będą? – odważył się wykrztusić, nerwowo wyłamując sobie palce.

Lou spojrzał na niego w lusterku (loczek postanowił usiąść z tyłu) marszcząc brwi, jakby zastanawiał się, czy ten pyta poważnie. W końcu westchnął i odpowiedział:

– Nie. – Zawahał się, po czym ostrożnie dodał: – Nie mieszkam z rodzicami.

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I’m rewatching Bezt Frends again…. and like I’m kinda wondering if Pizza Steve’s befriendment of Moon Man was simply out of spite of Uncle Grandpa sending him to the moon.

Maybe he DOES still care about Uncle Grandpa and always had but felt like Uncle Grandpa had overstepped his boundaries by sending him to the moon but rather than outwardly say it and look “uncool” he just befriends Moon Man, makes some bogus self-motivated game, only to render every question useless and take Uncle Grandpa “back” as his friend.

I just feel like the way he did it was really dick-ish but thinking of it in these terms takes the edge off the severity and restores my platonic ship (i love UG x Steve as really good friends)

I mean correct me if I’m wrong I’m not trying to defend Pizza Steve but I mean Uncle Grandpa was willing to get rid of Pizza Steve’s best friend in order to replace the best friend with himself, and if anybody ever did that in real life they would be fucking creepy so UG is also somewhat in the wrong too???? Idk what do y’all think?


Ug and Steven universe are doing well internationally. I guess it just goes to show that people can appreciate these shows regardless of borders. Because that’s the great thing about animation. It’s universally appealing as a visual language and I think both ug and su take advantage of the medium, be it with surrealist cartoony gags or dynamic, impressive action sequences, respectively. And acting, expressions. Plus both shows have peeps working on them that give a shit.

Cn wins by giving creators and their crews autonomy you can’t find in other networks. Like nick is so concerned about making a “nicktoon” instead of a “good cartoon.” Slaves to a brand. They should be slaves to quality.

And look at the the animated cartoons you love that were made decades ago. They still hold up because they were quality. I love an old Donald, bugs bunny, tex Avery, Pinocchio, akira, dragon ball, r & s etc. Etc.

Who cares about codename kids next door or Denver the last dinosaur?

thewalruswaszach said:

UG; OCs included.

  2. Belly Bag
  3. Uncle Grandpa, himself
  4. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
  5. Mr. Gus

yeah my faves are the main five so I didn’t even get to the OCs, so I’ll do it as a top 5 UG OC thingy then…

  1. Ramona Desdemona
  2. Tinley
  3. Chester
  4. Eloise
  5. Izzie

I did top 5 OCs that aren’t mine ^w^

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