Probably not an exciting update to anyone else but me, but I FINALLY, finally managed to get my character model into the game (I finally figured out what the problem was – it kept importing with holes everywhere, but I fixed it!). I feel like I’m going to keep running into hurdles with importing animation too, but this was a pretty big problem solved for tonight.

So here’s what she’s look like in game! Though hopefully slightly more lively c:

University of Kansas LGBTQ group will be converting some bathrooms on campus to gender-neutral for Trans Awareness Week.

“You’re in the wrong bathroom.”

As if Long couldn’t come to the conclusion on their own if that was indeed the case.

Long identifies as gender-queer, meaning they don’t identify as male or female, and prefers to be referred to with the pronouns “they” and “them” rather than “he” or “she.”

A thoughtful respectful article that uses the right pronouns for a genderqueer identified student.

Up until last week, I thought “Fifty Shades of Grey” was the worst thing to ever happen to the publishing industry. Sure, it makes money — lots of money — but the series also glorifies abusive relationships and shoddy writing. It’s adapted “Twilight” fan fiction, which explains both of those issues. But then I stumbled onto a National Public Radio story about a new series of erotica novels based on One Direction fan fiction published by Simon & Schuster.

“Being published by a company such as Simon & Schuster used to be something that authors strove for. Big name companies like Simon & Schuster and Random House reject manuscripts by more credible writers every day.”

OH MY GOD I hate college “journalists” sometimes.

While she makes a good point (domestic violence BAD) it is lost in the overall snobbery of the article.

Where does this child think “credible” writers come from?  The cabbage patch?  Does the stork drop them off in Barnes & Noble?

I would love to see what Tumblr has to say about this.  PLEASE reblog, PLEASE respond to her.

And then let me know.  OK?


First adventures in UDK. So far the worst part has been making the lightmaps for the props, but after a LOT of scrounging around I found the best way to make them.
Here you can see the universal castle wall shader that I made, 3 tiling textures including a grime layer. I also have a similar, but very simplified, version of this on the trims shader. Turns out you can have multiple materials assigned to one mesh. Had I known that before I would have been much further ahead and less confused on how I was going to approach this.

All for school, I’m the only one learning it in my department. Shame, should be a standard. That, or CryEngine. I’d be happy with that too.

A lot of props are unfinished, I’m aware of the under-roof.