Today’s artist on Tumblr feature - Yudi Chen!

Dear Yudi, please introduce yourself and your work to us!
My name is Yudi Chen and I am a senior illustration major at the Rhode Island School of Design. I am inspired by a lot of decorative design, patterns, and interesting shapes. I guess that’s a bit vague…but I am inspired by too many things to really pinpoint! Recently, I have been looking at a lot of work by Kay Nielson, Eyvind Earle, and Mary Blair. I am also fond of a lot of contemporary illustrators like Meg Hunt, Emiliano Ponzi and Christoph Niemann. 
Right now, my favorite mediums are silkscreen and gouache. I don’t have one piece of artwork that I like the most right now, but I am very fond of my fairy tale project and the fantastical landscapes I did. 
What are your plans, hopes and dreams for the future?
I am hoping to create some more animations in the upcoming months and experimenting some more with silkscreen animation. 
Ideally, in two years I will be working as a concept or storyboard artist at an animation company. 
Your latest series is Gender Reversed Fairy Tale. Please tell us more about it! Why did you make it? How did you come up with the idea?
When I was making the first image (Sleeping Beauty) I had just taken a couple of gender studies classes and had a lot of those sort of issues on my mind. I was thinking a lot about the fairy tales I was told as a kid, and some of the very strange messages and morals within them. The series started out as a response to all those tales of a weak princess quietly waiting to marry the first man to save her. At the same time, I know a lot of feminist art can be quite angry and antagonistic (which is fine!) and so I wanted to try a different, softer, and more subtle approach to it. Thus I created this series that touches upon something very important to me but done in a way that can also be enjoyed on a visual, simple level. I wanted to use humor to discuss something that is a little bit unfair in our world. People are free to interpret the series however they want to, however, which is the wonderful thing about art.
And something personal for the last question! What’s your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall!” It has some beautiful costume design and shots. I suppose you can say it’s mostly artist eye candy haha.

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udee asked:

Hello, I just read through all 159 pages of your blog, and just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you all are doing. I have learned so much about how dangerous the world still is for POCs, and I'm frustrated that it took me so long to learn just how much I didn't know about our history.

Glad you enjoy the blog and find it useful


Udee – Kolobi ft Terry G [VIDEO]


1st ever Honeymoon:part Bangkok Jam

And now after scenery resort, we resort back to the City. We left too late and due to some GPS error, lost our way and it was mad which result in us reaching Bangkok on a Friday evening at 5pm. 

2 words - JAM MAX!!!

A journey of 10 minutes took us 2 hours to reach our desired destination.

We checked into this nice little place call UDEE Bangkok.

If you think we are in another place like awesome romaticly nice, then you’re half wrong. HAHA. The place we stay is kinda not anywhere near popular touristy and its not near to any attraction except Jatujak market.

The road in was so narrow that it was meant for a single car but we used it as 2 way. Plus there’s a lack of parking means people just park at the side. So, It is seriously, Super tight. The trishaw guy in this pic is actually a self-appoint ferry. With some money, he ferry people up and down the street because it is kinda far to walk.

But one thing that makes Thailand unique is that, they take hospitality too seriously. (And that’s a good thing right?) What we stay in, is actually backpackers and not some 5 star hotel. But they made it so awesome that it does not seems cheap.

In fact the place won the cleanest hostel award from hostel bookers (which is where we booked the place from) By the end of our stay, we kinda figured out why.

The hostel is actually kinda small, but it is sufficient for us who won’t be in most of the time HEHE.

Cute drawing that tells you where you are and what’s around

They owners are very helpful they will tell you where to go and let you know the cost of the fare so you wont’ get cheated.

Oh right, that’s our room and what you see is about it. I tried to stand as far as I could with my lens as wide as I could and that’s all. LOL. It. is. a. CONTRAST. When we were there, we were like WE MISS SCENERY RESORT~~~

Because we arrived late, we did not plan on what to do on that night, so, we just went out to the main road by walking and try to hunt for food.

Actually, again, kinda disappointed at the location at 1st, but by the end of the stay, we kinda like it there. It does have certain charm to it. 

We ended up eating in a restaurant called the Shini Shabu Shabu.

It’s kinda like a gem because many locals eat there and it is always pack on weekends. Best thing, You can refill the meat. Also they have a some sushi which you can refill as well.

After dinner, We walked into 7-11 bought some cup noodles and retire for the night =)

That’s all for this post. hehe. more photos of the hostel below

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