This past thursday @forevrstrong_ and I were able to speak to a total of 14 students at UCR about the importance of detoxing their body, and the Core Program.

Knowledge of nutrition not only gives us power over ourselves, but enables us to become more knowledgeable about the paths to take, in order to reach our goals.

Spreading our knowledge of nutrition, and attaining our nutritional license is just the beginning. We will Live Life On Purpose, and help those who wish to do the same.

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These aren’t my photos but ones that I came across on the live Reddit feed of Occupy Central. It’s crazy to think that just over the weekend, I was shopping at SOGO in Causeway Bay, sitting in a quiet cafe near Central, and walking through the busy market in Mong Kok, and now the same streets are filled with mobs of people protesting. As of now, there’s not much to do in Hong Kong and many shops have closed their doors because of the riot. These are our choices: (1) to go to class, (2) to ditch class and join the protests, or (3) to ditch class and “join the protests.” Click images for captions.

Note to UCR students:

Somebody on YikYak has threatened to shoot up the school. Please be careful over the next few days. Stay alert. If you see or hear anything suspicious please don’t hesitate to report it to UCPD. Res hall students: don’t let ANYONE in you don’t know. If they’re supposed to be there they’ll have a key/can swipe themselves in. Buddy system if you go out at night. 

 Just please stay safe everyone.

Update: Email from UCPD says that the person who posted YikYak has turned themselves in. No current threat to the community.


If you attended the #BlaqOUT conference 2015 or 2014 …
Post a video about the #UCR conference and hashtag it #BlaqOUTconference so we can repost it and share it with folks who need to know #BlackLivesMatter #BlackQueerLivesMatter …@blaqout_ucr