The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love.
The one who loves him with with all her heart.
The one who waited for him.
The one who always wanted make him happy.

Haruno Sakura is the one who Sasuke loves.
Haruno Sakura is the one who he chose to be his wife.

Haruno Sakura is his family.
She is his lover, his hapiness

” I’ll see you when I’m back… and thank you. ” - Uchiha Sasuke

This picture shows so much emotion. From years of trying so damn hard to bring Sasuke back, he came willingly and all three of them are finally fighting together. So much relief and happiness is what is coming out of her at this very moment.

I just find this moment achingly beautiful. It also goes to show how happy Sasuke can truly make her. He is her every reason, and I don’t know about you, I think that’s something unique and inspiring.

Her love is so strong that no amount of darkness can keep it at bay. That is something to truly strive for.


~It’s you and me against the world~

Still NaruSasuFan forever and ever ;) so I had this photoshoot with my teme last weekend <3 (I’m still thinking about hot NaruSasu affairs in the woods :P)

I’ve accepted NaruHina by now.. but I will always prefer Sasuke as Naru’s boyfriend because they have this bond noone can share :P <3