By this time I will be on my way to Dayton Ohio! I love my Pegasus Family, I don’t want this season to end I’ve made so many great friends! <3 the only thing I can think about is going to Ohio, it’s going to be like a crazy vacation, where I get to spend a week with some of my closest friends! 

The past weekend we had FFCC championships, we placed 1st place with a 85-something. it was the best weekend ever! we stayed in a hotel where there there was 7 of us, then after the whole competition was over we just partied on the beach, Daytona was the besttt! 

I don’t want this season to end, it went by to fast. At the same time I want next season to come, to see what it will bring.  

UCF Pegasus

In a little less than 3 and a half weeks, I’ll be back at home from a trip to Dayton, Ohio and this winter guard season will be over. We’ll all go our separate ways for the summer, and some of us might see each other around during the fall semester. Next year, some of us will come back to Pegasus and some of us won’t. Some people will be new and be put off by the bond most of us already share. I’m already getting emotional about the end of the season..

WGI SE Regional Championship this weekend at UCF, FFCC Championships next weekend, and World Finals the second weekend after that.