Watching Roxy liveblog stuff is perhaps the highlight of my life

let’s look at some of her best stuff, shall we?

  • jfc i wrote natflax like 5 times before i realized why the fucking site wasn’t showing up i’m off to a great start
  • “that’s why his cheekbones are so big. they’re full of secrets”
  • king giles i swear to god i will stick you in a toilet if you don’t get your head out of your asshole
  • “she’s a woman” wow merlin your powers of deduction are amazing you clearly inherited sherlock’s intelligence as well as his cheekbones
  • merlin sneaking around and almost getting caught seems to be a recurring theme in this show (also yes this is very true, Roxy)
  • “you are but one side of a coin. arthur is the other” wow dragon why don’t you just stick them in a room together and tell them it’s their destiny to fuck (yeah basically, Dragon’s the head of the Merthur fanclub)
  • “you need wind and fire” oh ok just fart on a torch and the afanc dies seems legit