mX newspapers are a free magazine often containing content such as news, sports, entertainment and interactive activities with its readers. This newspaper is available for commuters in the CBD of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It offers an escape for readers after a day at school or work and provides them news that will shorten their journey home. The popularity of these newspapers has increased since its launch, attracting a vast majority of readers.

At every entrance, every station in the CBD they begin to distribute their newspapers beginning at 3pm, after school, up until 7pm, the time people finish work.  However, they can attempt to mass distribute mX newspaper, but it is dependant on the commuters as to whether they want to read the newspaper or not. The process of distribution has been restructured, as consumer’s attention is limited, they hold the power to choose where there focus goes. Thus power of attention is no longer with the distributor rather the consumers themselves.

 The distribution of mX newspapers reinforces Hubert Guillauds theory that we live n a world that flow, a world full of information. In this daily newspaper, it contains content that will command attention or generate interest a large majority of the audience. Danah Boy, a sociologist wrote in The flow of Information through Social Media that information that triggers our reactions are those that often are not beneficial to our daily lives. Thus stimulation is used in the MX newspapers where it contains informative content on topics that will hold our attention, entertainment and gossip section.

The Nielsen Media Researched collected data, that  revealed the total readership & circulation of mX newspapers throughout the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In Australia, mX’s can reach a total of 741,000 people, the frequency of the mX is on a daily basis. In such a network culture, individuals hold the power to spread the content across.

It’s fan base is expanding, as it continues to engage with readers in a manner that help create their own public space while on public transport. 

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