1233.  Metro (Paper) – JellyMongers Dinner

1234.  Labyrinth (E) – Dinner for 2 at Labyrinth Restaurant

1235.  John Freida (Fb) – Full Repair Kit

1236.  UberGirl (E) – Modelling Contract

1237.  UberGirl (E) – Ibiza Holiday

1238.  Tassimo (E) – Years Supply Coffee

1239.  Kerrang  (Fb) – HTD Tickets & Cheesy Chips with Cancer Bats

1240.  Kerrang  (Fb) – Wrath Of The Titans Gooodies

1241.  Kerrang  (Fb) – Groezrock Tickets

1242.  Reboot Media  (Fb) – HTD Nikon DSLR Camera

1243.  T3.com  (Tw) – HTD Sony Wireless Headset

1244.  Heat  (Tw) – £150 Vouchers

1245.  Magners (Fb) –Eye Pad

1246.  Alara Cereals  (Fb) – Years Supply Cereal

1247.  Millies Cookies  (E) – Mirror, Mirror Tickets

1248.  XFM (E) – Pulp Tickets

1249.  XFM (E) – Florence and the Machine Tickets

1250.  InStyle (E) – Champagne Lunch

1251.  Good To Know (E) – Holiday Of A Lifetime

1252.  Beauty Pages (E) – Spa Day

1253.  Carte Noir (E) – Silk Experience

1254.  Magic Freebies (E) – Sanctuary Set

1255.  O2 Islington (Fb) – Inme Tickets

1256.  O2 Islington (Fb) – King Mob Tickets

1257.  O2 Islington (Fb) – Feeling Gloomy Tickets

1258.  UK2.com (Tube Ad) – iPad2

1259.  Peter Werth (Spotify Ad) – £5000 Peter Werth Experience

1260.  Kingsmill (Fb) – Various

1261.  Guinness (E) – Glass

1262.  Dorset Cereals (E) – Luxury Chocs

1263.  This Morning (E) – Dream Wedding

1264.  Elle (E) – Dorchester Treatment

1265.  Emma Bridgewater (E) – £200

1266.  Good To Know (E) – £200 Sainsbury’s Vouchers

1267.  NPower (E) – £50,000

1268.  Rising Star Games (Tw) – BIT.TRIP Swag

1269.  Godmachine (Fb) – T Shirt

1270.  Attitude Clothing (Fb) – Swag

1271.  O2 Islington (Fb) – Protest The Hero Tickets

1272.  XFM (Fb) – Stone Roses Tickets

1273.  Beauty Pages (Fb) – Spa Day

1274.  Metro (E) – Cast Iron Pans

1275.  Garnier (E) – Years Supply of Favourite Mag

1276.  Time Out (E) – £4000 Conran Products

1277.  Time Out (E) – Modern Toss Self Portrait

1278.  IPC (E) – Olympic Tickets

1279.  Magic Freebies (E) – Cath Kidson Bag

1280.  Coke (E) – VIP Night In London

1281.  Ted Baker (E) – £250

1282.  Good To Know (E) – Blackberry Curve

1283.  Good To Know (E) – £500 Spa Vouchers

1284.  Good To Know (E) – Hotel Break

1285.  Good To Know (E) – Me To You Goodies

1286.  Elle (E) – £1000 My Wardrobe Spree

1287.  Emerald St  (E) – Follie Follie Watch

1288.  Magic Freebies (E) – Cadbury Hamper

1289.  Scratch Meals (Fb) – Years Supply

1290.  Groezrock (Fb) – Tickets and Swag

1291.  LD Mountain Centre (Fb) – Camping Set

1292.  Goliath Sportswear (Spotify Ad) – Shoes

1293.  Subway (Spotify Ad) – Various Prizes

UberGirl Contest

UberGirl UK & Ireland is now casting for contestants to take part in the country’s biggest female model search 

Have you got what it takes to be the UK & Ireland’s next top female model? 

We will be holding TV recorded castings in May 2012.

Candidates whilst at the casting will; 

- Be part of the UberGirl TV series (Broadcast this summer 2012) 
- Take part in a mini photo shoot 
- Catwalk in front of the judges (Inc Calum Best) 
- Be interviewed by the judges 
- Receive pictures taken on the day 
- You may be interviewed by on the day by UberG TV 
- Receive a beauty pack for attending  

Successful candidates will be invited along to a casting in their preferred city to audition in front of our panel of celebrity & industry expert judges including male model & TV personality CALUM BEST. 

Caps, so you know that Calum Best is important.

Now, I’ve actually had experience modelling for gadget company ’I Want One Of Those’ who I used to design for a few years ago…

Well, when I say ‘modelling experience’ I mean experience with pulling various unattractive gurning faces, while brandishing incredibly useful gizmo’s. 

Usually, I try to keep this shady past deeply buried but you’ve all seen me in far more embarrassing situations so I thought I’d share a couple with you…

I did cheesy…






… and the pièce de résistance… the following image was so shameful that my lovely colleagues printed out a copy and stuck it in pride of place, (high enough for me not to tear it down) on the design pin board, and mocked me relentlessly for the rest of my IWOOT life…


*hangs head*

Luckily, a couple of weeks ago, I did a fashion shoot with a photographer who I’d met through a model site that I’d created a portfolio with for another competition.

They came out a little better.



It’s all about the smize.

I sent away my entry form with images attached.

A couple of weeks later I received an email.

Hi Jenna Betts 

Your application has been successful and the judges have decided to put you though to the preliminary stage of  UberGirl England 2012 & invite you to attend a casting held in LONDON in May. 

Only a selected number of applicants will make the preliminary stage so you should be very proud that you have made it to this stage as there are many girls who will no doubt be left disappointed to find out that they never made it.

Wow, I’ve come a long way from monkey balls. Ugly duckling 1, IWOOT colleagues 0!

ALL contestants are required to submit a personal sponsor to participate in the preliminary stage of UberGirl England.

Ok, a sponsor, for moral support. I guess?

In return for the investment by your sponsor…

Er… investment…?


Wooaaaaah, horsey.


PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT asking girls to pay money to participate in the UberGirl competition, all we ask is that girls show a level of commitment towards the competition by submitting a company as a sponsor to secure her position in the competition.

Well, technically, no you’re not.

You’re asking girls to ask people to pay money.

Reminds me of fleecing family members for school ‘sponsored walk’ money, which gave me an idea…


Mum’s always give you a pound… they’re nice like that.

If you’d like to sponsor me to help me realise my dream of being an ‘UberGirl’ and give me the chance to meet CALUM BEST I will have my form on me at all times.