Uber Birmingham

So a lot of people are critiquing the outrage over the Uber car service being blocked from Birmingham.

Ok first, I have a HUGE problem with people telling others what they can and cannot get angry about, or passionate about, and what is and isn’t worth their time. And the ever-pretentious “there’s worse things to worry over,” as if people are only capable of being passionate over one issue. I can be mad about whatever I want, whenever I want.

Second, this is not an issue of young professionals complaining in Birmingham. If you knew ANYTHING about this city, you’d know that our public transportation is atrocious.

Heaven forbid, you’re out with your friends, you’re drunk, your designated driver gets drunk, your ride leaves, you feel like leaving before your ride does, or you generally feel unsafe at a bar or party and you are unable to drive or your car is not with you (these have ALL happened to me one time or another), and it’s after buses and trolleys are running, you can CALL a cab. The likelihood of that cab showing up is slim to none. If they do show up, they’ll be hours late, rude to you, and overcharge you. You can’t just hail one like in larger cities.

With Uber, you know you’ll be getting a safe, timely ride home for relatively cheap, it’s quick and easy, just in case you might’ve had too much to drink, and the drivers are held up to very high standards that taxi drivers are not.

I’ve used Uber in other cities and it is so convenient. I’ve never had a difficult experience. The drivers are so helpful, especially if you’re from out of town. They pick you us right on time and get you where you need to be very quickly, you pay on the app beforehand.

The BIGGER issue, that people might feel is actually worthy of their time, but theyre to ignorant to do any research of their own is the corruption of the Birmingham city council for blocking this. The woman blocking this has reportedly not accepted any calls on the matter, she has also sought legal advice from a law firm that represents the major cab companies in Birmingham and had an agenda in blocking Uber.

So YEA. It IS an issue worthy of your time if you care anything about your city.

Uber Update!

So as many of you know already I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand for the past 3 months, and about a month ago I started using Uber here every day!

The first two months i was afraid of the pricing because there are so many Taxi’s here it almost doesn’t make sense to even use Uber, whereas in LA taxis are scarce.

But i have noticed something very strange Uber is actually undercutting normal cab rates! I have been saving 10-20% on every ride by choosing Uber, it turns out they have a different business model in Thailand, and they use hotel drivers that are not being utilized as Uber drivers.

It also seems like Uber is charging a lot less for Bangkok toll roads i used and taxi and an Uber for the same route and Uber was 30% cheaper?!

So if you guys are ever in Bangkok…. Uber it up!

If you don’t have an Uber account yet GET ONE:

ubertumblr (first ride free)

If anyone has experiences outside of the US, and Bangkok i’m interested in hearing them.

don't drink and drive guys!

Hey guys don’t drink and drive this weekend or ever please!!!!!

You can still have some fun this weekend and get a free ride up to $30 by using the ride share app UBER! Sign up with the code “JVS01” for your free credit. It’s totally chill I use it several times a week when I don’t want to deal with traffic or when I wanna have a fun night out with friends. :)

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We’re teaming up with Uber so you can ride with ease to and from Steam Powered Giraffe’s event in San Diego this Thursday!

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Uber is an app that allows you to request a ride with the tap of a button. Drivers arrive curbside in just minutes, you can track the arrival of your ride on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry and payment is charged directly to your credit card on file.

They have Black Cars, SUVs, and their low cost option, uberX is 40% cheaper than a TAXI! Plus, the new uberXL is an affordable way to take up to 6 people on your ride. Have your friends signup to use the Fare Split tool and make riding even more affordable!

Not sure how to Uber? It’s easy!

iPhone, Android or Blackberry:

•Download the app

•Select your pick up location

•Request a ride

Questions? Contact t.uber.com/support!