I look at this picture and it reminds me that I made the right decision in being bald! It doesn’t make you less feminine at all, if you can rock it as well as this lady and you personally love it, then embracing it won’t be a problem. You’re beauty is sure to radiate and no one will be able to take that from you! And also ladies the right person that God has for you will love you especially because of it!

Edith Uba's Video Application

Sociable Surveyor Global Internship Opportunity with Knight Frank.

I know that tumblr peeps might probably not be aware of the fact that I am 2nd year Undergraduate, studying Property Finance and Investment. 

My first ever video application and I am undoubtedly excited because I was able to show my creativity and my enthusiasm, unlike my boring ol’ CV.

I pondered a bit on whether to share this or not, but I just wanted to show that you can be passionate about more than one thing and in any thing in life, if you want it, you’ve got to SPEAK UP, so you can be heard.

I am relying on God’s will to be done as always!

Don’t let rejection hold you back, and that goes to me too, but know that the right time will come, just keep working hard…..