University of California, Berkeley engineers are working on cooperative systems to control robots through complex environments. In this demonstration, a ground station uses computer vision to guide the group’s new 13-gram H2Bird ornithopter robot through a window.

The ground station, whose view we see in the second gif, uses real-time motion tracking over a live video stream to send steering guidance to the H2Bird micro air vehicle. With that information, the robot can successfully maneuver through a tight window frame. Their paper on the work is available here.

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SWARM Quadrotors (Aerial Robots): Coordinated Flight of Small Quadcoptors Interacting with Humans

Swarms of Aerial Robots using “inexpensive” small RC quadrotor platforms, autonomous control/guidance algorithms inspired from our work in distributed, cooperative controlhttp://publish.illinois.edu/aerospace… and a Vicon motion capture system. 

Aerospace Robotics and Control Laboratory
Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Robots can fly aircrafts nearly as good as real pilots

From Popular Science:

Most drones are actually human-piloted, with the controls elsewhere and the pilot steering remotely. In this video, the pilot is itself a humanoid robot, learning how to fly an airplane in a flight simulator. With a panel of controls in its mechanical fingers, the PIBOT uses visual information, presented on a computer monitor, to inform its flying. Right now, the concept is limited to piloting simulators, but the researchers hope to have PIBOT actually steer a plane some day.

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Flying Robot Rockstars

KMel Robotics presents a team of flying robots that have taken up new instruments to play some fresh songs. The hexrotors create music in ways never seen before, like playing a custom single string guitar hooked up to an electric guitar amp. Drums are hit using a deconstructed piano action. And there are bells. Lots of bells.

Many thanks to Lockheed Martin and Intel Corporation for their support.

See this show and more live at the USA Science & Engineering Festival on April 26 & 27 in Washington, D.C.
Lockheed Martin in the founding and presenting sponsor of the festival.

KMel Robotics (www.kmelrobotics.com)
Video Produced and Directed by Kurtis Sensenig (www.kurtisfilms.com)
Music Arrangement and Sound Design by Dan Paul (www.danpaulmusic.com)

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Portugal Shows off its new drone….

I wish i wasn’t serious


Afghan villagers stone fallen US Predator drone

Drones approved for use by FAA for farmers in ND - The drone empire begins


North Dakota will soon get a glimpse of a future where farmers can monitor their crops using small, flying drones. That’s because the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given the state the go-ahead to start using its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) test site.

Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator states:

These data will lay the groundwork for reducing risks and ensuring continued safe operations of UAS. We believe the test site programs will be extremely valuable to integrating unmanned aircraft and fostering America’s leadership in advancing this technology.


First video of the US Army flying truck in action

Advanced Tactics has released the very first video showing the Black Knight Transformer flying through the desert.

Black Knight Transformer is designed to cruise at up to 150 mph in the air on autonomous medical evacuation and resupply missions. On the ground, the transformer can be driven just like a normal truck. Say hello to the flying truck of the future.

Flying. Tanks.