Happy to announce that we’ll be releasing our 7”, LIFTING LAKE EERIE, with art by the talented Michael Tunk, on July 29th at Metro Gallery with Sun Club, Dungeon Kids, and Vundabar. the 7” includes “The Horse’s Mouth”, “Curse”, and also comes with a download for “California As An Entity”. 

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Only 3 days to go! A huge thank you to everyone who donated. If you haven’t yet, we are still taking your money!


Are you gonna take the high road?

Am I gonna take what you say to bed with me?

Let’s take the car to New Mexico.

We might not make it there, we’ve got so fucking far to go.

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Huge thanks to Tyler Davis!

We finally got a Tumblr!

Hey, we are a Baltimore band that likes to play music for people a lot. Consists of Kinsey Matthews, Sean Mercer, Jake Foster, and Mike Suica (has consisted of others in the past).

We will probably still get no notes.

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Look at how great I am!

Watch on suicabear.tumblr.com

Look at how wonderful we are!