UPick showed AYAOTD last night while I was out.

I’m pissed. 

Shoulda been showing it all month but noooooooo Nickelodeon is stupid as hell and waits to the end of the month. 


6/52 McDowell Estates-  Walnut Grove, CA.

We woke up early and decided that for this Sunday road trip we would stay closer to home. We have been wanting to got o a U-pick farm for quite some time, but it just hasn’t worked out— until now. Double M farms was perfect. Aside from the fact that Matt and I share “M” names and thus could pretend to have had the farm named after us (because of course it was, duh), the U-pick area was big enough to make you feel like you’re not just getting the sad unpicked pears left behind by overzealous u-pickers and small enough to not have to wander for miles to fine a pear.  

Double M Farms is located on the delta about 30 minutes from Sacramento. When we arrived, the farm was completely quiet. We wondered over to a little shack that was set up with pre-picked fruit, eggs, and other assorted goods and paid 8 dollars for a brown bag to stuff full of pears. There were wagons off to the side that you could use if necessary, but since we were only getting one brown bag full, we opted to carry our own. We headed across the driveway to the picking area and were amazed at how many pears there were. The trees were covered. Seriously, covered. When planning this trip I imagined having to hoist Kennedy up a ladder to be able to have her pick some, but that was not the case. There were plenty of huge pears within reach of her, and that made it all that much better.

Kennedy was a little bit needy and fussy but seemed to really enjoy the whole thing. If you have the chance, check out their website for produce and U-pick availability and pay them a visit. We has a great time and the pears are delicious.