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una & kunkun - Echoes, The Blue Sea, A Collection of Poems By Aglaophonos Grasping Great Numbers

「…now, let us go, friend. Decapitation was the ruling.」

Lyrics: Neru (mylist/15619229)
Composition: Neru, Zauni (ざうに)
Arrange: Zauni (ざうに) (mylist/27794878)
Recitation: 000 (mylist/13563027)
Video: Ryuusee (りゅうせー) (mylist/7985102)

april fool's day (nothing but lies) pt.1

@kunkunnnn: 今から全員ブロックします

kunkun: starting today, i’m going to block everyone.

@_amatsuki_: しゃむおんは女の子だしコニーも女の子だし、勿論俺も女の子です

amatsuki: shamuon is a girl, kony is also a girl, and of course, i’m a girl too.

@sainexxx: 実はホモです

saine: the truth is, i’m a homo.

@sainexxx: みんな「知ってました( ^ω^)」みたいなリプ飛ばしてくるけどさすがにホモではねえから!!!!!!!

saine: everything is sending in replies like, “i knew you were ( ^ω^)” but i’m not actually a homo !!!!!

@syounen_t_sako: 嘘つきたい。やばい。

t-kun: i want to tell lies. this is bad.

@syounen_t_sako: 嘘つきたいけど、誰かが信じてしまうかもしれないという恐怖から嘘つけない。

t-kun: i want to lie, but i’m scared someone might believe it, so i won’t.

[ the lies are already coming out in waves .. !! i’m just going to compile them together— this is part one from a while ago. ]

@soraruru: 今日は日曜日!!!!!!!!!明日も日曜日!!!!!!!!!!!

Soraru: Today is Sunday !!!!!!!!!Tomorrow is Sunday too!!!!!!!!!!!

@kunkunnnn: わぁ、職を失ったパパみたい! “@soraruru: 今日は日曜日!!!!!!!!!明日も日曜日!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kunkun: Uwaaa, it like papa lost his job !

#kunkun さんの靴下が届いた♪♪パン柄が欲しかったんだけどパン柄が偶然入っててガッツポーズした!バンバン履くわ #靴下

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Because I saw Cherry (and probably other people too) wondering how Soraru sounded imitating moe moe maids from maid cafes that go “kya kya kya ufufu.”

He had a namahousou with Kunkun a few days ago (full recording here), and somehow the topic of maid cafes came up, and Soraru talked about how maid cafes are popular because the maids there are made like idols … just some cute girl being really moe (or an uncute girl trying to be moe), and it feels kind of cheap/forced/embarrassing. However, he thinks that maid cafes would be better if there were more places where they acted more like real maids, more like a butler, or housekeeper-type of professionalism.

tl;dr Soraru thinking so seriously about something it becomes funny/cute.


@__Milk_Tea__: そろそろホワイトデーじゃん!?

milktea: it’s going to be white day soon?!

@soraruru: @__Milk_Tea__ 次はどの国に逃げる?

soraru: which country to escape to this time?

@__Milk_Tea__: @soraruru くんくんはまた国外だからなー我らは樹海にでも

milktea: kunkun went abroad again, so we’ll hide in the forest.





^ kunkun’s singing pose— before he passed the “baton” to remyuu. [because this one exceeded the photset limit lol ..]

some more pictures from soraru, kunkun, remyuu, and milktea’s trip to spain!

most are from milktea’s namahousou, and the last few bigger ones are from kunkun’s blog.

before i comment on (some of .. or most of) the photos, there was a comment during the housou about wanting to see a collab between the four of them. xD

he said all their voices are kind of バラバラ/all over the place so, lol. and also that there aren’t many songs that four people can sing. someone suggested SMAP, or something. milktea: “haha, a four-person SMAP would be interesting.”

ABOUT THE PHOTOS. i want to comment on all of them but uhhh

lol about the chocolate cake. it’s a chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles in chocolate sauce .. with whipped cream. mitii said that he and remyuu like sweet foods, but this cake was way too sweet LMAO. AS EXPECTED. i’d get cavities just looking at that

remyuu being cute … singing pose in front of the pretty castle. and also pretending to drink wine all stylishly. even though he can’t handle alcohol well. xD btw, in their group, kunkun is the one that seems to have the highest alcohol tolerance.

posing on the roof. omg, soraru on the end … so cuuuute ..!!

macarons. that is all. just so .. many .. MACARONS.

RPG-esque photo. when people in the nama commented about kunkun posing like a yankee, he went all “あぁん?”

basically: they’re all adorable beyond words.

the end