Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition Renders

Along with the other goodies like a “high quality” dragon statue and accompanying art book, digital in-game items that will come with the Collector’s Edition of Heavensward include a helmet fashioned after Cecil’s Dark Knight helmet in Final Fantasy IV, a Wind-up Kain minion, and a griffon flying mount, just in time for Heavensward’s introduction of flying mounts! Heavensward arrives Spring 2015.

@kain2525: やばい。いかさんちのトイレのかぎあかなくなったねえやばいねえねえいかさんみてる?????ねえ
@kain2525: This is bad. I can’t open the door and Ikasan lost the key to toilet this is bad. Nee neee ikasan did you see it already????? Neee

@oikasano: kainがトイレに閉じ込められたwwwwwwwwwww鍵ぶっこわれてるwwwwwww
@oikasano: Kain is trapped in the toilet wwwwwwwwww The key is broken wwwww

@oikasano: ラインでたすけて って来て爆笑した
@oikasano: It was really hilarious because he was asking for help by messaging me on LINE

@kain2525: 助かった。最近で一番あせった
@kain2525: I survived. This has been one of the most upsetting experience in my life….


HoneyWorks Music Utattemita 52014/12/30 RELEASE


  1. Friday’s Good Morning -another story- / Lon
  2. Confession Rival Declaration / Gero
  3. Sankaku Jealousy / Sou
  4. Owaranai Eiyuu no Kioku / Un:c & Kradness
  5. Right Now, I’m in Love with You. / Yamako(HoneyWorks)
  6. Little Regret / Sana
  7. Miraizu / Hiiragi Yuka
  8. Detained Teacher / Kettaro & Koma’n
  9.  Mama / Halyosy
  10. Baka-dono Hero ~kakegae no nai nakamatachi ~ / Dagero (Dasoku &Gero)
  11. Diagnosis: Lovesickness / Hanatan
  12. The World is Falling in Love -acoustic version- / Capi
  13. Friday’s Good Morning / Kain
  14. Goodbye to This Mutual, Unrequited Love / KK
  15. Right Now, I’m in Love with You. -triangle story-/Gom(HoneyWorks)

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※ Original post card gift only available to those who have purchased the Limited Edition at the venue! (※ Depends on the distribution! Limited number of it) 

Music & Lyrics by HoneyWorks
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Kian gets a broken nose!