‘’Juvia is weak’’

‘’Juvia is just a fucking annoying fangirl and a creep. Gray sees her as one. ’’

‘’Juvia doesn’t really love Gray. She doesn’t deserve him’’

‘’Gray doesn’t even care about her, nor does he love her’’

Yeah sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

Before you spit out random bull crap and complete nonsense about something nor someone, think twice.

That people don’t have to correct you, and show you wrong with proof. 

Do I need to proove you more wrong Juvia/ Gray/ Gruvia haters out there, that you’re completly wrong? For now, I think my work here is done. ^^



Based on kkumos‘s headcanon:

Jellal loves to stare at Erza but whenever she stares back, he blushes and turns away. Since Erza knows that, she lets him stare at her while she quietly smiles” 

This is also a little present for my girls: dragneels-ass and bugie78 and the Bro

My Cat Happy

My Cat Happy

A/N: Okay, so this is my first time posting a fanfic on tumblr but I hope you enjoy :). Was inspired by one of the posts here. Please tell me what you think.

Summary: After moving out after high school, Lucy manages to get a scholarship at a prestigious university. However, due to the fact that she only has a minimum-wage job, she has to live in the bad part of town where she takes in a blue cat and meets a strange pink-haired man. NALU

A twenty one year old girl buried her face into her palms. A thick book sat idly in front of her with highlighted texts displayed on its pages. She had an important exam the next day, and it didn’t help that she decided to omit studying the entire two weeks given and just cram everything in one night. It was already two in the morning and she was still on page two hundred out of seven hundred sixty-three. Her study lamp did a poor job of lighting her reading material, and her pens and papers were on the floor and somehow, in one of her kitchen cupboards. She let out a groan of frustration. It was practically a sure thing that she was going to fail in the test.

She stood up and took her jacket, which was strewn messily on her bed, and decided to go out for a smoke outside her apartment building. Living in the city, that wasn’t one of her best choices as gangs and rapists usually were on the look out for young, vulnerable women that were stupid enough to venture into the poorly-funded facilities of the city streets. As she exited her apartment, she smelled the faint lingering scent of marijuana emitting from her perpetually high next door neighbor Charlie. Ignoring it, she went on into the elevator and waited to go down from the fifth floor to the third when it opened again, signaling someone was going to be riding with her.

She never liked it when someone else was alone with her in the elevator, especially at night. The people in her building were either beat up wives, drug addicts, thieves, and she was sure that guy from 32-B was a serial killer. She didn’t like it and wished badly to moved to a more comfortable space, but since she graduated high school and moved out, she had no choice but to make do with the measly financial aid her school gave her and the minimum-wage job that supported her.Surprisingly enough, the person that entered the elevator looked neither like a drug addict or a serial killer, but a regular guy. Well, as regular as a guy with pink hair could be. He was holding a box filled with blankets. He grinned brightly at her as he entered and pushed the ‘G’ button, which proved to be unnecessary as Lucy had already pushed it when she entered.

“Hi,” He said. “the name’s Natsu. 37-C. You?” Lucy couldn’t help but notice that he looked surprisingly well-off with his too-crisp shirt and jeans. Why would he ever move into this type of neighborhood?

“Lucy.” She said, after moments of pondering, deciding not to tell a stranger where she lived.

“Well, Lucy,” He said, testing the name out. “Just moved here today from Rhode Island. Actually, I just finished unpacking right now. Was gonna take these,” He said, looking down at the box he was holding. “outside to the dumpster. Anyway, I’m having a housewarming pa-” He was cut off by the loud 'Ding’ of the elevator, and to be honest, Lucy was grateful for it. She was never really comfortable with meeting new people. “Oh, um, it was nice meeting you, Lucy. I hope I get to see you around.”

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