the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Try as I might, I can’t sleep so here is my (probably unpopular??) opinion about Zeref. 

Even though we know his history now and why he created the demons, I still do not feel any sympathy towards him. Yes he did what he did to save his brother and he never wanted to harm anyone originally, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still did it. His actions ruined or at least touched the lives of every character in the series. Just like Jellal, despite it being Ultear’s influence, he is still responsible for everything that happened at the Tower of Heaven.

While it’s unclear still what happened after Zeref revived Natsu and turned him into E.N.D, Zeref could have taken the chance then to destroy all the other demons he used as practice. We saw how he destroyed Mard in the Tartarus arc; surely he could have done the same back then. But he didn’t, as far as we know and until we get confirmation, he will be held accountable in my eyes for not cleaning up the messes he made.

Now I have taken into consideration his “curse” too. He didn’t ask for it, of course, but he had every opportunity to stop his research when the scholars warned him to. However, again, he did not and kept going. Good intentions or not, chances are, if he had listened, he could have prevented things from turning out the way they did.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that: sad past  ≠ get out of jail free card from all the wrongs they’ve committed. I didn’t like Jellal or Ultear either until they had they redeemed themselves, the same will probably happen with Zeref (assuming he gets a redemption at all, he seems to be heading in the opposite direction at this point). Until then, my opinion about him is the same before we got chapter 436; he has no sympathy of mine and won’t until he is actually held responsible (or AT LEAST acknowledge that his actions had consequences, whether he regrets it or not, and admits that he did indeed do wrong).

k-uroneki asked:


Who asked who out?

Juvia asked Natsu out and the invitation kinda went over his head because he assumed they were going out just as friends, though later that night it hit him that Juvia meant a date.

What did they do for their first date?

The two of them went to Ryuuzetsu Land and Juvia finally got to go down the Love Love Slider with someone she liked except she got so nervous when Natsu wrapped his arms around her that she accidentally turned to water and slipped down the slide without him, much to his dismay

Who initiates their first kiss?

Natsu. Juvia was trying to lean in, but she was too nervous to actually kiss him. After a couple attempts, Natsu finally noticed what she was doing and when she leaned in for the fifth time, he met her lips halfway and gave her a little kiss.

Who’s the bigger cuddler?


Big spoon? Little spoon?

Natsu is the big spoon, Juvia is the little spoon.

How do they hug each other?

Natsu wraps one arm around her shoulder and cradles her head with his other while Juvia throws her arms around his waist and snuggles into his chest, squeezing him tightly.

Where do they like kissing their partner?

Juvia loves kissing Natsu on the lips, while Natsu loves kissing Juvia on the forehead and lips.

What’s their favorite thing about each other?

Juvia loves Natsu’s tenacity as well as fighting spirit. She loves how he never backs down from a challenge and admires that part of him. Natsu loves Juvia’s unwavering loyalty and ability to trust despite everything that’s happened in her past.

Who falls asleep first?


Who snores?

NATSU SNORES SO LOUDLY IT’S A WONDER JUVIA EVEN GETS ANY SLEEP ((though she sometimes results to earplugs when his snoring is too loud))

Who wakes up first and how do they wake up their partner?

Juvia wakes up first and to get Natsu up, she’ll splash a little bit of cool water on his face which will get him up in seconds.

Who sings in the shower?

Juvia and Natsu loves leaning outside the bathroom door, listening to her sing

Who’s better with kids?

Natsu is better with kids, but Juvia is good with them too. Natsu loves playing around and getting into play fights while Juvia is more calm and will play stuffed animals with them.

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deruni yaralar edindirdik kendimize.
çiçekleri de yaradan Rabbimize hamdolsun dedik.
belki iyi birer insan kolleksiyoneri olmak istedik.
ve çiçekleri yüreğimize kombinledik.
dilleri olsada konuşsalar.
hepsi birer sükut halindeler.
duvarlara renk verelim dedik.
masaları çiçeklerle süsledik.
kitaplar da olmasa idi.
geçmiş geleceğimizi altüst edecekti.
-dedi ft.

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Stinerva, Gruvia, Gajevy and Rokino first kiss scenarios?

I hope you enjoy!!

Stinerva: (Just so you know, I don’t ship Stinerva- I actually don’t ship Minerva or Sting with anyone really- so I’m really sorry if this sucks.  (┳Д┳))

  Minerva sighed and ran a hand through her hair. 

Even after all of this time Lector was still a bit scared of her. 

She couldn’t blame him of course. She did send him away to someplace where he thought he’d never see Sting again. She knew it would be hard for Lector to trust her completely or even to forgive her.

Minerva was surprised Sting even forgave her. So she was even more surprised when he confessed that he liked her in a romantic sense.

“What’s wrong?” Minerva turned to Sting.

“Oh I’m just… thinking.” She answered.

“About what?”

“About how much I still scare Lector.”

Sting sighed, “Really? Don’t worry, he’ll come around. You just have to show him that you’re not the same person.”

“But I’ve tried!” Minerva was exhausted. She’d been trying for so long to gain the trust of her fellow guild mates but she really only cared about Lector and Frosch now. She had gained the trust of Yukino, Sting, and Rogue. But she wanted to gain the trust of The exceeds as well.

“I know. And I’m happy. But you shouldn’t worry so much. If you try too hard it’ll only make it work. Just do small things to let him know that you’re different now.” Sting smiled.

“Thanks Sting” Minerva smiled. 

“No problem” Sting leaned down a bit and caught her lips with his own. 

It was impulsive. He didn’t really know why he did it. But that didn’t mean it didn’t feel right.

When they pulled away the two were scarlet. 

“Well that was something.” 

Gruvia: “Hello Gray!” Juvia said and sat with her boyfriend of only two months, handing him an ice cream cone. 

“Oh thanks.” He said looking at the frozen treat. 

“It’s vanilla. Juvia wasn’t sure what you would like so she went with one of the basic flavors.” 

“Thanks I like vanilla. What’d you get?” 

“Oh Juvia got sherbet! It’s her favorite!” Juvia licked her ice cream cone.

“I’ve never had sherbet. What does it taste like?”

“Would you like to taste?” Gray nodded and leaned over licking the ice cream cone in her hand.

‘An indirect kiss!!’ Juvia’s mind gushed.

“Hmm..” Gray mumbled before sitting up and leaning towards Juvia, kissing her lips. 

Juvia’s face exploded in red.

‘Our first kiss!!’

“Yeah you’re right. It is good”

Gajevy:  Levy huffed a bit and leaned on her tiptoes trying to reach the book a shelf above what was easy for her to reach on her own. When she was unable to reach the book she got off of her tiptoes and sighed looking around for her companion for help.

She forced Gajeel to come with her to the bookstore just for this reason and here she was with a problem she knew would come up and he’s no where to be found.  

“Stupid dragon slayer” She muttered and reached up once more.

“What was that?” A gruff voice asked her.

“You heard me. I called you stupid.” Levy said and sighed standing straight again.

“What can you not reach that?”

“Not at all.”

“Yet you’re calling the only person who can or will help you stupid?” 

Levy sighed for the third time and turned to Gajeel, “I’m sorry. Will you please get that book for me?” 

“Sure,” he reached up grabbing the book, “Here.”

“Thank you.” Levy took the book from his hands, not looking at it. She stood on her tip toes once more to reach his lips and kissed him.

Once they separated they both had a light blush on their cheeks and Levy looked at the book.

“Um… this isn’t the book I was reaching for.”

Rokino: “Can I kiss you?” The question was asked nervously, quietly, and quite suddenly. 

Rogue looked at his blushing girlfriend.

“Well can I?”

A nod was given and the two leaned in. The kiss was chaste and only lasted a few seconds. The two parities separated  with cherry red faces.

“Thanks for asking to kiss me Yukino.”

when I first started watching Fairy Tail, I was super excited that all the constellations were characterized for Lucy’s magic - I was stoked to see what Taurus was bc that’s my sign.

And then it turned out

to be this buff mofo

who’s weakness is his love of the ‘female body’

One and a half years (and lord knows how many damn episodes) later, I still am unsure of how to feel about this. It’s like he’s a damn embarrassing dad or somthing