Determination led Harris to U.S. World Cup team

Ashlyn Harris being named last week to the U.S. National Women’s Team in advance to the 2015 World Cup should come as no surprise to anyone, especially here.

She is one of the finest goalkeepers on the planet, has been since she was a monumentally tough 15-year-old playing for the national Under-19 squad, and doubtless would have had far more caps than she does were it not for injuries. And if you ever watched her play for the late Fidgi Haig in the Brevard Youth Soccer League and Satellite High School, or for Anson Dorrance at the University of North Carolina, you know how determined she is.

“She is not to be denied,” Haig once said. “She denies.”

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Roughly 200 members of American Outlaws Portland (AOPDX) filled a room under the stands at Providence Park after the Portland Thorns beat the Western New York Flash 1-0 Saturday afternoon to hear the Thorns’ U.S. Women’s National Team players answer questions ranging from their World Cup memories to pre-game rituals to playing in Soccer City, USA.

U.S. Women’s National Team striker Alex Morgan is dealing with a left knee contusion and is questionable for Saturday’s match, while center back Rachel Van Hollebeke won’t be available for Saturday’s game after sustaining a hamstring strain at training Thursday.

“I just knocked my knee bone and it has been lingering for a little bit and I don’t want it to linger any longer,” Morgan said. “Regardless of whether it’s a World Cup year or not, I need to take this rest for a couple of days and we’ll see how it feels in a couple of days. I don’t think that I will be playing, but, again, I have to talk to the doctors and see how it feels." 


Dive Discovers Sunken History

The dramatic discovery of a lost World War II-era Imperial Japanese Navy mega-submarine by a Univ. of Hawaiʻi and U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) team in December 2013 inspired a new search by NHK, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, to find key missing pieces of the battleship.

The recent survey, the first to return to I-400 submarine since its discovery, successfully located, mapped and captured on video for the first time not only the submarine’s hangar and conning tower (navigation platform), but an unexpected and significant new discovery — the submarine’s bell. Torn from the submarine by the explosive forces that broke apart and sank I-400, the bell lies close to the conning tower on the seafloor.

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/videos/2015/04/dive-discovers-sunken-history

I really like/am jealous of a lot of what the Dash is doing…the beer garden and watch party, social media engagement, strategic promotion of their U.S. national team players