Fun fact: I almost was abruptly flunked out of “Transgender Studies” at the u of mn because my cis prof at the time decided that she felt like I didn’t work as hard on a group project as my cis partners did

she only backpedaled after realizing that making a trans woman cry in a trans studies class was probably not the best idea. I had to go see some dude do a “one-man” show for I Am My Own Woman to get enough credit to not fail


I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough.

BITING DOWN: An AOS Mirrorverse fanmix for Kirk/McCoy. “The electronics of your heart / See how fast they fall apart / It feels better biting down.”

i. biting down: lorde // ii. fresh blood: eels // iii. paradise circus: massive attack // iv. the killing moon: echo and the bunnymen // v. rolled together: the antlers // vi. dark doo wop: MS MR // vii. what remains: foals // viii. serial killer: lana del ray // xi. too late: M83  // 


Hey University of Minnesota!

The Women’s Student Activist Collective will be hosting a benefit show for the Southside Family Charter School!

The benefit will be held Thursday February 20th at Honey (18+).

Doors open at 7pm, performances start at 8pm and go until 1am.

Spoken word, live art, and other performances will go on throughout the night, with all proceeds going toward the Southside Family Charter School, a K-8 elementary school in south Minneapolis whose curriculum focuses on education of and advocacy for social justice. 

Please come support the artists and the cause!


Graduates of the spring 2012 commencement ceremony for the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts received advice on life and living—including failing—from alumna Dessa, a renowned and innovative rapper, musician, writer, and speaker.