Being Multi - Fandom

Interesting how people just assume because you’re a fan of a particular group that you completely shun away other groups. People seem to fail to understand and realise that it’s perfectly normal and okay to be completely multi-fandom. Its not illegal or against the law to be a fan of more than one group. Its okay to be completely open to more groups then your favorite. 

People just love to assume that since one group shows up on your dash all day that this is the only group you like. No! That’s not the case at all, just because I talk about a particular group more than others doesn’t mean I dislike other groups or don’t care about them as much as I do others. It’s just the group I talk more about is my “home” group… or my bias group. The main group in my life. Every group in my life is just as important.

I’ve been a fan of SHINee for almost 6 years now. I got into them right after I discovered U-Kiss and 2PM and those where my main 3 groups. U-Kiss being #1 and the other two falling after. I’ve a Been fan of all 3 since 2009 … 

Fast Forward to now my #1 group is EXO, and I still love these groups dearly and they sort of have a more special place in my heart then EXO. So why do people get so bent out of shape when someone like myself is a fan of these groups. I shouldn’t ask I bet it’s because I’m and EXO fan. Figured.

I feel it’s lovely being a person who is open to more groups then one. Every single group in my top 5 are so different from each other in terms of music style, but still amazing. EXO being more of the R&B and Pop style. SHINee being colourful unique and powerful. U-Kiss always vocally powerful and upbeat. 2PM fun, charismatic and surprising. Big Bang new, fresh and exciting while still never changing who they are. These groups I’ve been fans of for years and I’m proud to be an EXO-L, Shaowl, Kiss Me, Hottest, V.I.P. … 

I wish more people would get out of their shell and experience being a fan of all of these groups and others as well. I’m always excited for these groups, It’s hard being a fan of all of these groups since sometimes there is turmoil and trouble in paradise with them. 

It’s either one group is better then the other. One group doesn’t sing like this group, that group isn’t as popular; that group is falling off, that group is overrated and ect ect. People should stop the bullshit and just listen to their music with an open mind. Having in open mind is a beautiful thing to have. I love and cherish having one. 

I’m never disappointed as a fan with their music. I feel people just love to hate a particular group rather if its due to fans or their just a pure hater. It’s okay to dislike someones music or not be into their style, but to complete turn off to a group due to fan or a company just shows your lack of openness and for someone who should be open minded your very closed minded. 

Yes I’ve had times where a song or a comeback wasn’t impressive from [insert group] but not every group is going to turn out a hit, and you have to admit when your faves do let you down and fail to make you feel the music that time around, but if you listen to the album your always bound to find something you like.

Just keep in mind that not everyone is just attached to one group, and I shouldn’t have to shout it to the stars that I’m a fan of these groups either, but I feel its beautiful being multi-fandom. Its hard its a job but It’s so worth it because in the end I’m always proud and never disappointed.

i’m new in the k-pop fandom, and i see so much hate that’s scares me. but the KissMe’s are seriously the nicest fandome out there, they are so humble, i feel so welcome. thank you U-KISS AND KISSME’S for making me feel like one in the family.

THE SHOW China Choice Award (2nd time)

Hello KISSmes!

U-KISS are in the running for receiving The THE SHOW China Choice award for the 2nd time and we all need to help. You win by two things: Tudou MV views and paind gifts.

Tudou MV Views: Watch only U-KISS’s MV through this link: http://music.tudou.com/theshow/index.html Click on the orange button by their picture to play the MV. You MUST HAVE YOUR WEB BROWSER IN INCOGNITO (chrome) OR PRIVATE (Firefox) for the views to count. Make sure you close out of the MV after it ends and before the next one starts to play.

Paid Gifts: Please check out these two tweets from ukissbar on twitter about how to be able to pay for gifts: https://twitter.com/ukissbar/status/602386175769186304?s=09 and https://twitter.com/ukissbar/status/602395340675809280?s=09 Unfortunately not all fans will be able to help with this portion.


U-Kiss “Not Young” x Soulja Boy “Crank Dat” The is the jam.


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