happy birthday to the cutest, sweetest, most handsome and adorably stupid leader in this world, shin soohyun!

you’ve worked extra hard this past year, haven’t you? had to deal with member changes (again), got your abs back, survived 30+ japanese concerts in just over a month, became an uncle, met kissmes all over the world and still found the time to improve your singing (something i didn’t even think was possible, i mean, aren’t you the best already?)

oh, and, yeah, there was this tiny little trophy your group won for the first time since debut.

words cannot explain how proud i am of you and everything you’ve accomplished. not a day goes by without a wave of happiness and gratitude washing over me; i’m honoured to call you my ultimate bias and i can only hope i’m doing enough as a kissme to keep that beautiful smile i adore so much alive on your lips every single day. that’s truly my one and only wish: to see you enjoying yourself like you always do.

you always give it your all and you’re finally being recognized for your efforts. i hope you get to spend this most special day relaxing for a bit and taking in what a great year you’ve had, either holding your baby nephew or partying it up with the members. you’re my most precious sunshine and i’m glad to think of myself as the nightsky that supports you so you can shine bright like the star you are!

once again, happy birthday, leadernim! ♥

xander0729: Look what I got~⭐️😁 Went to BINGBANG’s concert yesterday thanks to my dearest 이모/aunt. Been a while I haven’t been to a concert. All I can say is that 선배s (seniors) are indeed 선배s. Performance, experience, stage presence, interactivity = 💯➕🚀 Full admiration n respect towards them.👏 It is no doubt why they are so popular n loved globally.🌍 Honestly I was really tired because of mid-term exam & never-ending school work, n from time to time I really felt so fed up that I wanna quit showbiz too. But the concert gave me much feelings. Seeing how passionate they performed really motivated me to not give up n to work hard again. And despite being tired, I was totally energized by the performances. Really had so much FUN. And I like how they performed ‘more than enough’ that fans were so satisfied. Anyway, got so much feelings after the concert… Didn’t expect to gain so much from yesterday.😌 Hope u guys enjoy n get inspired too when they perform in your countries.😁 Alright, enough of talk. Going back to class soon.😱😪 Boom ShakaLaka!!🎵 Have a NICE day & God bless y'all!!!✌️ P.S: The word “찹쌀떡” is stuck in my head after the show. Can’t wait for #BaeBae 🎶😍 #BIGBANG #2015WorldTourInSEOUL #Xander #VIPmode #motivated #respect #somuchfeeling #somuchthoughts #CestLaVie #missyouall