06.06.91- the day a dorky male god was born


☾ I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years of these wonderful boys I am proud to call myself a fan of. I don’t know how many times I’ve made posts in celebration and anguish and encouragement for them over the years, but at times like this I realize I’m running out of ways to say things in a not repetitive way. I don’t know how many times I’ve thanked them for their music, how much I appreciate them showing themselves to us over the years, of the love and attention they pay Kiss Me and for reaching out into the places that are unknown or untouched by other groups or idols. I no longer know in what other way I can thank them all for their voices, for their charms and talents, or how to say and express just how proud I am for everything that they have become today, for all the things they’ve done as a group, for how much they’ve grown individually, as artists and as people; or how to thank them for the way they make me smile when I don’t think I can anymore. U-KISS has been there for me in a way they probably will never truly understand, and just as Soohyun said about a certain fan, U-KISS has brought not just them as a group into my life, but also a huge group of wonderful friends who I can now call my Kiss Me Family. I know it’s cheesy and lame to some people, but like Magic, these 7 boys have been able to bring joy into our lives we can share together and couldn’t have met in another way, and to think this is the fifth year they have been together as one, it just makes my heart happy to think I’m still here to celebrate it with them. And it doesn’t matter if you own all their CD’s or not, or if you have alot of merchandise, or if you’re In Asia or America, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antartica, or if you’ve been a fan since the beginning or right to this very moment. The things that truly matter are the things and memories we’ve all made up to this point. And I sure wish that we will have even longer for memories we can make together in years to come, as a fandom; As U-KISS and KISS ME. 

 ★☆★☆Happy Anniversary to my favorite boys!☆★☆ ★ 

I will ALWAYS be proud to call myself a KISS ME! ♥