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Wait are u concerned because you are unsure of what is going on next week or are u concerned that su won't get enough rating or something? Sorry I trust your opinion so much that when your concerned I'm concerned xD

I’m just concerned because a sudden change like this is off-putting to me and I’m easily made anxious when things don’t go as I expected them to. I do feel better now that the crew has confirmed it so its not longer this strange thing we weren’t sure was a glitch or something.
I am somewhat concerned because of ratings and stuff but I shouldn’t be too concerned about it because the show has already produced almost 100 episodes (only 43 have aired so far) and were most likely greenlit for more. So its doing well, I just don’t like when CN jerks shows around the schedule, y’know?

I’ll probably feel better once CN starts airing promos but right now it’s like a secret marathon and that just makes me nervous

I’m sorry for all of those who has sent me asks and made starters for me.
I have gotten into an accident ( more like a spat ) and my glasses has suffered.
So right now I’m waiting for the call for my new frames.
… it’s so difficult to see things OTL

I’m a lot more active on skype since I can use the mobile version and it’s more handy.

Once that happens I’ll be sure to answer them all.
Please bare with me! ; u;

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) :)


i can do some sweet adachi combos in ultimax

sjkfjkf idk i gueess my friends think im funny

my art is ayresiplier's icon and that makes me so happy!!

i have lovely friends and am lucky to have them (including the ones of you on tumblr who we’ve only talked a couple of times. you all matter to me :) )

did ya see my puns on twitter they were gR8


makoharu + otp tags

↳ specially for kintokie​, Happy 3 months belated Birthday Qistina! ♥


Pacific Rim tropes → Stacker Pentecost


That is their tragedy.

protecting the earth from poorly cg-ed aliens


//*~ merry christmas, clique! thanks for a great year. ~*\

So the miracle whip on the left wrote to me about the video I made about white girls plumping their lips to look black. She told me “Nobody wants to be a black girl lol like eww… stop being a hater… Your video was very rude and hurtful…” Anyways I checked her cave-facts and BOOM look at her last Profile picture… Are you sure you are not trying to be black? With them braids, crop top, and drawn on lips (….honey im a homo u aint foolin me with them drug store make up tricks) Look I really don’t give a fuck about how many Saltine feelings i hurt in that 49 second video! And here is WHY! From the moment a black girl wakes up and checks her instagram and twitter she is told that her natural features are ugly and white features are beautiful; with almost every thumb scroll, like, comment and retweet. She is told the same thing by her favorite magazine, favorite tv shows, favorite movies, favorite video games, favorite music videos, favorite books and all the way down to even her favorite family members. So for that 49 seconds of me shitting on your mayo-saxon features. That was probably the ONLY 49 seconds a Black Woman/Girl was told that nothing is wrong with her and she is beautiful in every way. So I dont give a FUCK that i hurt your clam chowder feelings! Cuz White Supremacy dont give a fuck that it permanently damages millions of little black girl’s self esteem DAILY!


  • Sharing my art anywhere online (credit appreciated)
  • Copying/referencing my art for educational purposes (credit appreciated)
  • Using my art as your avatar or Facebook cover or w/e
  • Getting a tattoo of my art (photos pls)
  • Printing out my art from online JPGs (seriously it’s okay I understand not everyone can afford to buy prints)
  • Using my art for… like… SIMS?? Or as custom thingys for games? I swear I got some asks about this but yeah uh do what you want
  • In fact the bottom line is I really do not care what you do with my art at all as long as you don’t 1.) purposely remove my signature or worse 2.) CLAIM YOU DREW IT YOURSELF ok seriously I will kill you
  • Everything else is usually a-okay tho grasshoppers (◡‿◡✿)

listen/download ; shadowhunters, looking better in black; a city of bones!movie fanmix // 1. closer, kings of leon* // 2. echelon, jack trammell // radioactive, imagine dragons // 3. who are you really?, mikkey ekko // 4.  no light, no light, florence + the machine // 5. pompeii, bastille // 6. demons, imagine dragons // 7. ships in the night, matt kearney* // 8. counting stars, one republic // 9. dear angel, april sixth* // 10. dig, incubus // 11. church, t-pain // 12. id come back for you, nickleback // 13. mercy, one republic // 14. mr brightside, the killers // 15. love is blindness, jack white // 16. louder than thunder, the devil wears prada // 17. run this town, rihanna + jay z // 18. say when, the fray // 19. stubborn love, the lumineers // 20. the moment, safetysuit // 21. time is running out, muse* // 22. until the day i die, story of the year // 23. when you were young, the killers // 24. you found me, the fray* // 25. young blood, the naked famous // 26. bleeding out, imagine dragons // 27. closer to the edge, 30 seconds to mars // helped by nicole and inspired by her lovely fanmix! linked* are vids I associate with the songs, so I thought i’d share!


I’ve made some huge mistakes in my life. Being with y o u wasn’t one of them. And yes, I had Alaric compel away my love for you. And yes, I did love Stefan once. The night I died Matt was driving me back to him and yet I found my way back to you. Damon, I somehow always find my way back to y o u. It doesn’t matter if I have memories or not. It doesn’t matter if I’m a vampire or not. I don’t care what human me would have done because she’s not here, I am. And if the past is a place without you and me together, then stop living in it.


dean o’gorman + air new zealand 2012-2014

aka 3 years, 3 videos, 3 hairstyles

aka the camera could handle his hotness less and less over the years so pushed farther and farther away