'oh so ur just gonna not support ____ cause somebody theyre bigoted??'

what in the actual fuck type of question even is that honestly if u ask me that im literally gonna punch u in the face like oh yea im totally here for people who think that i, as a human, do not deserve the basic rights that humans are supposed to have. they do not like me for simply existing, why in tf would i support somebody like that??

when people tell me they’ve never seen lord of the rings i just


Hi guys! You can guys delete this comment if you want but I just wanted to apologize for not replying to messages in a timely manner these past few days - school just started for me and I was also busy finishing my new ~*precious Corvo*~ themed Tumblr theme for myself. I’ve always appreciated the excellent theme makers I know here on Tumblr for their excellent designs and hard work, but it was only until I started writing my own theme that I truly realized the extent of the creative effort and time that goes into making themes for Tumblr. A shoutout to jyuubi and vaniccio is in order for being the inspiration/reference for parts of this new theme I’m using (more detailed info can be found on my credits page) and a shoutout to aesfocus for providing excellent advice and input based on her experiences with theme making as well.

I kind of miss my old theme already (also jyuubi’s, sob) so maybe my next theme will be pastelly and colorful again ;-; I just wasn’t, uh, sure if I should design a theme with precious Corvo in it to be full of rainbows and magical colors um. The theme before my old one was also mostly monochromatic, though, so I guess I’ll sort of cycle from monochrome to color. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten to code something or if something isn’t working for you. I’m still learning, but I’ll try to fix it. Thanks!


Barcelona, nit d’estiu. (2013)


Sorry for the watermarks but I get a little paranoid ehehhhhh >.> These are my Sebastian Stan photo ops. The first one is the absolute best of them all, for obvious reasons.

it makes me really happy to see a) all these lil relationships forming through tumblr like yes u go kids meet someone u love talking to and who makes u light up w happiness when you see their name on ur phone and b) lots of little discrete tags about ur bae like lil “him” or “her” or “you” tags and this just makes me all really happy for everyone i hope you’re all really happy 


Vikings Meme: Six Scenes (3/6)



favourite twd character meme: one character

all i wanted to do today was lay down and cry, but we don’t get to do that.