mental illness is a spectrum of experiences which are constructed and categorized by social institutions as diagnoses

diagnoses aren’t sacred, essential, platonic entities floating in space somewhere, they’re descriptions of patterns of experiences

if your self-described experiences correspond with a a particular pattern, then congratulations, that’s how the process of diagnosis works

you may note that this is kind of fuzzy and ambiguous: that’s because that’s how mental illness works and why your medical metaphors are incoherent. there is no chemical/physical test for mental illness because it is entirely descriptive of self-reported symptoms, so stop acting like there’s some hoop people have to jump through to be Really Mentally Ill other than “having corresponding experiences” (which is really loose anyway because mental illness isn’t clearly delineated, because, again, it is not an a priori category that inherently exists)

Well good golly gosh I sure am glad they have a sport simple enough for my silly brain to be able to comprehend! How fantastic that there’s an award named after this guy. :)

i want this picture on my gravestone


My heart is breaking for Maggie. For the rest of her life she’s going to think “If we had gotten there a few minutes earlier, I could have seen my sister alive.

This is gonna fuck her up so bad.

I have realised I need to stop reading things about TOS outside of my own dashboard because someone will inevitably make comments about Jim Kirk that will tell me they either haven’t rewatched TOS since childhood and have been going on stereotypes and remembered snippets ever since, or they just lack the will to look beneath the very surface of the content they consume

By which I mean if you call James Tiberius Kirk a sexist womaniser who likes to shoot at people and disrespects everyone one more time I will write a novel-length essay on all the ways in which you are Wrong

stop making “if you wouldn’t let [celebrity/character] [sexual verb] you you're lying” posts

they’re so uncomfortable and anywhere from irritating to seriously invalidating for people who aren’t attracted to that gender or don’t experience sexual attraction at all

like fucking THINK before you say that shit, jesus, you’re literally accusing gay and ace people of lying abou their sexualities