I keep telling myself that I only like Sansa and Tyrion as a possible strong friendship. 

But then I read epic fanfics like “Desperate to Connect” and I start to wonder…

And I may or may not have just stayed up until 3:30 in the morning to finish reading this glorious piece of writing. I got addicted. 

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Tyrion and Sansa as a couple?

Well, as a note before we begin

One: The admin of this blog has not actually gotten to this part in the novels (their state of a ‘married couple’ I mean) so forgive this for being short.

Two: We will not, while we love Tyrion, make him out to be completely a villain nor will we put him on a pedestal here. Yes, this blog is to share what we love about this character, but we love the flaws and the merits.

As a couple they could have the ability to have a very strong marriage but based on politics and not love. We feel as if there could never be love there at this point, or could there ever have been. Sansa was to marry someone like Joffrey, well, what she thought Joffrey was like (Courageous, brave, princely, and handsome) and Eddard would have made sure it happened had he stayed alive and seen the abuse that Joffrey put Sansa through.

Tyrion is courageous and brave, but he’s also perverse and not princely. Not to mention everything that Sansa has been through at the expense of his family. She is a brave and courageous girl who no longer needs a brave, princely man who does nothing but coddle her like a child. She also was forced into this marriage and had the happiness that she was so close to having with Willas (or Loras in the tv show) ripped away from her. Now that was not Tyrion’s fault by any means, but it is still a reason she does not, or will not ever, love him. 

If anything I feel as if it could have been a good marriage if organized in another time and another place, but would never have been a loving one. It is a marriage of mutual respect, regardless of how little or how much there is between them (seen in Tyrion telling her that he will wait for her permission for their ‘first time’ and again when Tyrion defends Sansa in the trial and says that she did not do it.)

These are the personal thoughts of the admin Ollie and do not reflect the way this blog is run. We accept every submission and post regardless of what the admin thinks unless they are too graphic or are hatred for this character.

- Ollie