Is America a Police State? Here’s the Evidence

Second Amendment Republicans and Libertarians are in permanent freak-out mode regarding ‘tyranny’. Except when it happens to black people.

The GOP “on your own” rhetoric is about race, not self-reliance or ownership. In short: Republicans believe the Government/Police must be used to deny rights and control black communities.

VIDEO: Big Government won’t allow licensed dentists to provide low cost services to the poor

This is the kind of thing that makes my blood boil.  A group of Arkansas Orthodontists (who are licensed to practice general dentistry) are under fire from the state government for providing low-cost dental care to poor people.  Why? Because the dentists who aren’t also orthodontists don’t appreciate the orthos moving in on their turf.  So, rather than join them in their philanthropy, they’ve decided to sic the state government on them, letting them know that they were illegally serving the poor.

here’s a video to explain:

So, if they were also putting on braces, the dental cleaning would be legal. But since they’re only doing the cleanings, the dental work is illegal.  This is a perfect example of what happens when big business getting into bed with big government. It’s cronyism, it’s tyranny, and everybody loses.