Study: Cops Kill More People Than Gangbangers or Drug Dealers; More Details Emerge

A study of homicides in Utah has revealed a startling fact, cops kill more people than drug dealers or gang members or child abuse.

From 2010 through October of this year, cops in Utah have killed 45 people. Out of every demographic studied, the thing more likely to result in a homicide is domestic violence. It will come as no surprise to readers that all but one of the shootings was deemed justified after the police investigated themselves. What happened to the case that was deemed unjustified?

A District Attorney charged the shooter only to have Judge L.A. Dever toss out the charge because a state witness declared the cop could have “assumed” Danielle Willard was trying to kill him. A jury never got to hear the case. The judge retired shortly thereafter, and the Fraternal Order of Police has waged a war against the one DA that dared to charge a member of the thin blue line.

In Utah, there’s a website that allows judges to be rated. Leon Anthony Dever has a 3.6 out of 10. The only positive ratings are from government officials and prosecutors. Some highlights from the reviews include:

“I have never appeared before a more incompetent judge in Utah, Nevada, or California. He was never prepared for hearings; did not remember his own rulings; made factual decisions without reviewing any evidence; and showed complete disrespect and bias in his rulings.”


“His staff gave the alleged stalker the victims address, and he declared it contemptuous to contact the police regarding harrassment or contact between the parties on a stalking injunction.”

Given that officers are only supposed to use lethal force in defense of life, it stands to reason that Utah cops are being killed at an alarming rate. They aren’t. In fact, in the same time period only 8 Utah cops have been killed, and that’s if you include car accidents and K9s. In situations that actually involve force cops are killing at a rate of 9:1.

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Second Amendment Republicans and Libertarians are in permanent freak-out mode regarding ‘tyranny’. Except when it happens to black people.

The GOP “on your own” rhetoric is about race, not self-reliance or ownership. In short: Republicans believe the Government/Police must be used to deny rights and control black communities.

The Bill Of Rights?

If they can tell you there’s certain things you’re not allowed to say, you don’t have free speech.

If they can tell you there’s only certain places you can protest, only at certain times, and only by special license, you don’t have the freedom to assemble.

If they can tell a journalist they can only cover an event from within a designated area or risk arrest, you don’t have a free press.

If they can tell you there’s certain guns you can only own with a government license, you can only carry in certain places at certain times with a special license, you don’t have the right to bear arms.

If your police use military weapons and military tactics, then you have soldiers quartered among you.

If you can be stopped and frisked because you ‘look suspicious’ or you happen to be near a border zone, if your home can be searched by police and soldiers because the city is under martial law and there’s a supposed terrorist on the loose, you have no right against unreasonable search and seizure.

If you can be tried by military tribunal if you’re designated a terrorist combatant, or be assassinated by drone strike, or be interred and have your property confiscated because of the color of your skin and your ethnic ancestry, you have no right to a fair trial.

If you can be indefinitely detained by the simple expedient of a Patriot Act waver, you don’t have the right to a fair trial or a trial by jury.

If you can be tear gassed, pepper-sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, blasted with LRADs, tased, or outright gunned down in the street for nonviolent offenses and peaceful protest, you have no right to protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

If your government bars you from nonviolent behavior not expressly mentioned in the Constitution, the rule of construction does not apply.

If your State government permits you rights to nonviolent behavior but your federal government prosecutes you for it anyway, your state has no rights.

That’s your Bill of Rights. It’s gone. It’s completely eviscerated and you sit there and tell me we live in a free country? You don’t. You say the Constitution protects you? It doesn’t.

It never did.