You are the Mage of Hope, and you are also called Ocean of Power With No Shore.

You are a font of psychic power.
Passive ✦ Innate, Psychic
Cost: 5+MP
Effect: You are lowblood troll psionic, able to lift and manipulate objects with your mind. For each rung of advancement on your echeladder, you can lift 100lbs effortlessly. You can act normally while manipulating an object - so long as you are below your weight limit, and you are not limited to one object at a time. Hurled objects may deal damage if they are sharp, heavy, or dangerous. This effect is not magic, so effects which suppress or protect a target from magic do not block it. Lifting or manipulating a conscious, unwilling target requires a successful attack roll.
Special: By spending 5MP, you may add 100lbs to your weight limit for the rest of your action.

Suddenly, eyebeams!
Active ✦ Innate, Obvious, Psychic, Ranged, Typeless
Cost: 0, 4, 16, 32, or 64PP.
Effect: Emit of beam of killing light from one or both of your eyes. This beam has a Long range, and strikes every enemy in a line. It deals damage based on how much PP you spend. Very Low for 0, Low for 4, Medium for 16, High for 32, and Massive for 64.

Absolute Grace
On Prospit, they say you will lift the stars back into place.
Drive ✦ Aspect (Hope), Innate
Effect: Remove all range, weight, and acceleration limits from your psionics. You Eyebeam ability functions as though it were two categories higher.
Special: Absolute Grace lasts (6) combat rounds, or about ten minutes outside of combat.

You are the Sylph of Space, you share this title with Kanaya Maryam.

Glittering Rain
Call down a rain of glittering light and power.
Active ✦ Aspect (Space) + Class (Sylph), Healing, Magic, Obvious, Typeless
Cost: 10MP
Speed: 10
Effect: Raise your arms to the sky and call down a rain of glittering green-and-gold dust. When the dust touches an ally, restore a Low amount of HP. When the dust touches an enemy, they take Low damage.
Special: This dust clings to both stationary objects and moving targets until the end of the scene. Invisible or otherwise imperceptible things are outlined and become clearly visible.


You are the Page of Space, your power is to have all the powers.

Oh, oh dear. This going to end badly.
Active ✦ All, Aspect (Space), Class (Page), Magic, Ranged, Typeless
Speed: 10
Effect: Generate a massive storm that rains bolts of green fire and pure power down from the sky. Darkmatter deals high damage and hits every enemy target you can see (so depending on your vantage point, this number could be very high indeed), and leaves allies completely untouched.
Special: Enemies killed by this attack reward double the normal amount of grist.

You are the Heir of Space.

Black Hole
Compress an enemy into the darkness of Space.
Active ✦ Aspect (Space), Magic, Typeless
Speed: 10
Effect: You manipulate space into a black hole, which engulfs a single enemy, killing them instantly. Powerful or important enemies, such as bosses, are usually immune, but still take high damage from this attack.