New Mega Pokemon

In honor of Mega Rayquaza, I propose the following Mega evolution for the eventual Diamond/Pearl remake. I believe it falls in line with balancing regarding Mega Legendaries.

Mega Arceus

Base Stats
HP: 300
Atk: 300
Def: 300
Sp.Atk: 300
Sp. Defense: 300
Spe: 300

Typeless. Instead of 4 moves and 1 ability, it has 4 abilities and 1 move.

Abilities: Wonder Guard, Huge Power, Magic Bounce, Mold Breaker

Moves: Apocalypse. Base power 240, typeless, supereffective against all types, can hit through detect/protect, fly, and all invulnerable/semi-invulnerable states. Hits all opponents. including pokemon in reserve, stored in the PC, in the Pokemon Bank, in the wild, you in real life, and your mother.

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sleep is better! oh and i read that you can raise a pokemon with pickup and bestow and give them a leppa berry so you can bestow the leppa berry on it and pick it up later. also use soak on a ghost type so false swipe can hit. never tried it though

it is? I never knew that :o

and thats a good stratagey I wonder if the zigs can use that

and ahh no I mean when they use struggle. like in gen 2 struggle didnt affect ghost types because it was normal type damage but now its typeless damage