Frankensteins Monster | A4 | Graphite on Paper

When I looked around I saw none and heard of none like me.

Was I, then, a monster, a blot upon the earth

from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?


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Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos from Horror Movies

The Shining

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Taking a break on the set of Alien

Leo gets attacked on Critters 3

Nightmare on Elm Street


King Kong vs Godzilla

Pennywise takes five

Hannibal Lecter tries a fry for a change

Child’s Play

Gremlins and the source of my childhood nightmares

HERE are some more behind the scene photos.

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David Lynch does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

anonymous said:

what shows/movies do you recommend that are on netflix? you have really good taste!

lighter fare

  • community
  • bojack horseman
  • arrested development
  • the mindy project
  • its always sunny in philadelphia
  • brooklyn nine nine
  • happy endings
  • new girl

serious tv

  • hannibal
  • dexter 
  • the walking dead
  • breaking bad
  • orange is the new black
  • house of cards
  • the killing

great indies you might have missed

  • seeking a friend for the end of the world
  • the kings of summer
  • the way way back
  • the to do list
  • drinking buddies
  • girl most likely
  • it’s a disaster
  • jeff who lives at home
  • frances ha
  • crystal fairy and the magic cactus
  • weekend

and a few others…

  • drive (winding refn at his best)
  • oldboy (2003, but i won’t judge you for watching the subpar remake if you’d rather not read subtitles)
  • fruitvale station (true story, very relevant to today)
  • attack the block (really fun alien movie set in south london)
  • bridegroom (heartbreaking lgbt documentary)
  • gone baby gone (ben affleck’s first movie)
  • the descent (fantastic british thriller)
  • fast five (seriously)
  • the wolverine (criminally underrated)

**some of these are only available on canadian netflix. use hola unblocker to access other countries’ netflix selections!

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Werner Herzog Has a Lot of Time for WrestleMania

It’s only since dropping Grizzly Man and Into the Abyss that Werner Herzog became a staple of conversation between you and your friends. Before that, he was just the award-winning, critically acclaimed father of modern European cinema—the man who lugged a 320-ton boat over a hill in the Peruvian rainforest and cooked and ate his own shoe for a short documentary. 

This month, Faber published A Guide for the Perplexed, a compendium of conversations between Herzog and the writer Paul Cronin. As a testament from one of the world’s most prolific filmmakers, it reads almost as self-help. “Get used to the bear behind you,” he tells us, ostensibly referring to the ambition and drive to create, but equally evoking images of Timothy Treadwell, a.k.a. Grizzly Man. I’m putting my neck out and saying it’s the best book I’ve read all year.

I caught up with Herzog on the phone last week, and we spoke about films, football, WrestleMania, and the loathsome trend of children’s yoga classes.

Werner Herzog at his home in Los Angeles

VICE: I’ve just finished reading A Guide for the Perplexed. Have you had a chance to read it?
Werner Herzog: Yes, I did when we were looking through the entire text for corrections. We left no stone unturned.

Is it strange reading yourself back?
I took a professional distance to it because I think it is unwise to stare at your own navel. Now it’s out for the readers. I’m plowing on with a lot of projects, so don’t worry about me.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m finishing Queen of the Desert, I’m preparing three feature films, and I am doing my rogue film school at the end of this week.

Can you explain a bit more about the rogue film school?
I can explain it easily. For 20 to 25 years there has been a steady avalanche of young filmmakers coming at me who wanted to be my assistant, or who wanted to learn from me or be in my team. And this has grown rapidly in numbers. For example, a few years ago, when I did a conversation on stage at the Royal Albert Hall—which has something close to 3,000 seats—it was sold out in minutes. And of these 3,000 people, there were at least 2,000 who would have liked to work with me. So I tried to give a systematic answer to this onslaught. The rogue film school can happen 50 times a year or once a year. I just need a projector. I could feasibly do it in the middle of the desert.