Here’s some things that were floating around on my desktop~ I finally figured out Tadashi’s Sunfire suit! :D I tried to meld together Shiro Yoshida’s various suits from the comics, while keeping it similar to the style of the rest of the BH6 team’s suit designs. Trying to find a color palette that fit in with the rest of the team’s colors was difficult, but I leaned toward orange since the other fire-related colors were already taken up by GoGo and Baymax :) But yeah, I’m pretty happy with this! :D

How to make a compass.

I’m going to try to start showing some progress from the book version of This Was Our Pact from now on. I actually wasn’t sure if I was allowed to show anything until recently, which is why I’ve been pretty silent on here lately.

This is what the second phase of my roughs typically look like. The first phase is so sketchy that it’s sometimes impossible even for me to know what I drew. I still try to keep it pretty rough though, because at this point anything can (and probably will) change, and it would be awful to have to redo a bunch of pages that took 2 days each to draw.

More soon!