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Firefighter Rescues A Kitten From A Burning House, Catches It All On A GoPro Camera (VIDEO)

This video will definitely restore your faith in humanity.

The dramatic rescue was shot with a GoPro camera strapped to firefighter Cory Kalanick as he was responding to a call in Fresno, Calif. In the video, Kalanick spots an unconscious kitten lying amid a burned, smoke filled room and immediately takes it to safety and resuscitates him. 

See the full incredible rescue here. 

(GIF Source; GoPro via Youtube)


Watch California Dry Up Right Before Your Eyes In 6 Jaw-Dropping GIFs

California is drying up.“This is a big deal,” California Governor Jerry Brown said at a ceremony Tuesday as he signed into law a trio of bills regulating, for the first time, the state’s groundwater use. As of Thursday, almost 60 percent of the state is facing “exceptional drought,” the most severe level of dryness measured by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

(amy santiago + being a badass)


Kelsey Higley’s ‘Manipulated’ Shows What It Would Be Like If You Could Mold Your Body Like Clay

A new video shows one way to make yourself beautiful – mold your body as though you are made of clay.

Kelsey Higley, a student of Media Art at the University of Oklahoma, created a stop-motion video featuring 126 digitally-altered photos of her body. The result is an eerie video in which Higley appears to reshape herself to fit various ideals of beauty by slimming down her waist and hips, making her breasts bigger and widening her eyes.