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*dates one of the boys in hopes that one day Cyrilliart will draw a chibi fanart of me, I mean kinda because I love the boys but lets be real here*

ahahah brilliant UwU

but just fyi: the only reason I draw Perrie (and Taylor I guess?) is because their careers are in the public and they willingly provide the media with information about themselves, hence why I feel comfortable translating their character/personality into a chibi cartoon. plus I am big fans of their music !

sophia, eleanor and melissa I will probably never draw chibi cartoons of cause I don’t know enough about them and I don’t go out actively searching for information because that’s secondhand info from the media and stuff that they themselves probably don’t give out willingly. i wanna respect their privacy. I can see myself maybe drawing realistic drawings of them cause that’s all about their likeness so there’s only the translation from photograph to artwork, but i doubt i will draw chibi cartoons x

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