I’ve felt this way before.
But now, I realize
there is no greater pain
than the frigid waves of sadness
washing over you again.

It starts in your heart,
encasing it in an armor of ice;
its coldness licking at your chest,
its numbness soaking your veins,
its frozen tendrils slowly reaching towards
fingers and toes.
Until, finally,
you are submerged in chilling darkness.

The reason why it must hurt
so much more this time
than last, is that;
I didn’t know just how sweet
or warm
the shoreline’s breath could be.
—  "It’s hard to feel your body lose itself again,"   - Stephanie Mills
Myers Briggs by Common (oversimplified and ignorant) Stereotypes

INFJ: Mystical being
ESTP: Insensitive idiot
INTJ: Machine
ESFP: Ditz
INFP: Wimp
INTP: Machine #2
ESFJ: Boring.
ISFJ: Boring #2
ENTP: Fun idiot
ISTJ: Boring and a machine. Amazing.
ENFP: Manic pixie dream girl
ISFP: Baby animals that just roll around without doing anything
ENTJ: Successful robot
ISTP: A wisp of wind with no personality
ENFJ: Tiny, harmless balls of happiness

Te Amo 

(by Charringo Pichardo)

I made this illustration as a gift for my girlfriend and I wanted to try a different ilustration style, trying to give it more of a “cute” style rather than hard black lines style I tend to use. As an extra I printed the artwork without the digital text, frame it, and the I painted the type over the crystal, to make it look more 3D.

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